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Some common sense for printing publishers

Posted Friday, July 17, 2009, at 8:33 AM

As some may know, I have an interest in printing paper and the health of the mills that make it, to the printers who use it. Even though we are now expanding to document destruction, paper & printing is still a very important part of our future.

As a result, I have been 'preaching' to whoever will listen that while the web is great, we still have a big audience who relies on the printed word. Here is a blog from another person's perspective that points out how the very people who(in his opinion & mine) publish printed matter are harming themselves and our industry.


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That is a great article. I can't help but find it a bit ironic that he posted (and I read) that article on the web.

When the power went out with that last round of storms, my wife and I lit up the candles and a couple of hurricane lamps and picked up a couple of books. It was very nice to sit here in quiet (aside from the occasional rustle from a dog) and read a book. There was none of the usual hum from the computers or inane babbling from someone on TV. No phone ringing (usually someone needing help with their computer) or e-mail sounders telling me that someone else that I don't know is following me on Twitter (not that I'm going anywhere on there).

I just thought it was a very nice, relaxing way to spend part of an evening. Maybe we should all create our own "power outage" occasionally and just relax.

-- Posted by Thom on Sat, Jul 18, 2009, at 9:40 AM

A power outage does give a different feel to things. Looking across the valley and seeing no lights except for an occasional vehicle and quiet! OF course, I found out that I had not refilled the gas lantern so light from that was about as good as candles. We ended up with all candles.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Jul 19, 2009, at 8:15 AM

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