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What is wrong with chemical companies and our government and our ag educational research facilities??

Posted Saturday, September 12, 2009, at 7:10 PM

Many of you who follow my blogs know that I do not like to get too strong with my words, but after reading about neonicotinoids and similar insecticides I can help but SCREAM! http://www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/registration...

I don't think that any of them are intentionally trying to kill us. But the drive for the almighty dollar and our desire to have a "magic pill" that allows us to grow more, faster, easier, with less labor are a potent combination for disaster. Look at the list of brand names that use this family of insecticide, it is 20 pages worth!

We have been concerned about the health of our honeybees for years. We acknowledge that honey bees are crucial to pollinating our food crops, yet we play deadly games of "Russian Roulette" with chemicals to try to beat nature's process that has succeeded for thousands of years. If you read the information on the link above, you will see that the government agency that regulates pesticides is re-evaluating a family of insecticides that they allowed previously.

"The reevaluation is based on an adverse effects disclosure submitted to DPR regarding the active ingredient imidacloprid. DPR's evaluation of the adverse effects data noted two critical findings: high levels of imidacloprid in leaves and blossoms of treated plants, and increases in residue levels over time. Clothianidin, dinotefuran and thiamethoxam are in the same chemical family as imidacloprid, and characteristics in common. They have similar soil mobility and half-lives, and similar toxicity to honeybees."

What are we paying these people for?

How did this get passed in the first place?

Do they think that honey bees are the ONLY pollinator that can be affected by this?

Why are chemical companies producing what they KNOW will kill a key insect in our environment?

Do they think their children will be able to eat synthetic food and not be affected. Are they watching too much science fiction? WHAT??????

Are they breathing too much of this crap or is money behind it all?

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