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The continuing saga of dropped cats.

Posted Tuesday, November 10, 2009, at 10:22 AM

From the way the stray cat's dishes are moved every night, I would bet we are feeding raccoons down there as well. At least we don't have to get them neutered, shots and flea treatment, but that too will soon end when (if) we move the cats.

Three of them let me pet them freely this morning, but of course it was rainy and they were hungry, so they were willing to compromise.

There was a time when we did not have dogs and the raccoons had a nightly feast. They came into our attached greenhouse by a pet door and would get up on the cats feeding table.

When they finished that, they would open the plastic buckets we had the food stored in and when we moved the buckets to a latched closet, they learned how to bounce the door until the latch came undone.

I could even go into the greenhouse and they would just sit there and watch me until I got within about 3' of them. Then they would amble out at their own pace. No hurry mates.

We thought we would feed them at our sliding glass door with cheap dog food, which worked and provided great entertainment, but decided we were playing with fire, so the food went away. About then another stray dog showed up and we were out of the raccoon business.

By the way, possums were visitors too, but they were not as bold, dexterous or crafty as the raccoons.

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