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Tonight, tonight, tonight at Richard's Cafeteria!! What?

Posted Friday, November 13, 2009, at 9:41 AM

After a while I run out of headline ideas for a topic close to our hearts, the Weed'em & Reap Garden Club. Tonight at 6:30 on Lane Parkway in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Can you believe this weather? I heard on the TV a night or two ago that we have had at least 30 longer growing time than normal for the year. Of course that is if you did not get hit by the several frosts, and if you have plants that grow in the shorter sunlight, and if you have not already pulled up you annuals, and......

I have Chinese cabbage growing, my squash vines, tomatoes and peppers are still green, but they are not producing and my slow-to-ripen figs are still ripening. Boy were they late. The fall yellow jackets, honey bees and other late insects are having a fall picnic. I almost hate to pick them, but occasionally I grab one for me.

Some potatoes that escaped harvest are growing again and the mints, chives and catnip that I thought would get knocked out by frost are still doing well, thank you. As I wrote this i looked over at a table by the window to check on the cuttings I made. Oops! The peppermint ran out of water, so now I have some dried mint for tea. The chocolate mint is growing nice roots but the catnip is asleep at the wheel. They always seem slow to root from cuttings.

I don't really need to root any, but some fresh during the winter would be appreciated by our felines and I thought about bringing some more to the garden club meeting.

I am thinking about moving another pepper plant in for overwintering. I already have the firecracker pepper plant that Mike gave me in a pot on the table in front of my desk and it seems to be holding well. Might as well make some tomato cuttings as well for early planting, but I am not sure about that Hillbilly one Kay. (Just kidding)

Well, I have rattled long enough. See you at the meeting tonight????

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Richard's Cafeteria has the world best bacon! Don't know if its on the menu for tonight, but if the opportunty presents its self, it comes with high regard from me.

Garden on!

-- Posted by big daddy rabbit on Fri, Nov 13, 2009, at 6:08 PM

W have never tried a breakfast meeting. Sounds delicious, but could we get folks up?

Anyone have comments about that?

We had a real rowdy meeting last night. Whistling, shouting, screaming.... no wait, that was the group next door. We usually laugh it up, but they were closing the door to protect us last night, not quiet us. OF course, some of ours were wanting to join the party next door. Happy 18th!

Our next meeting will be moved to SATURDAY December 5th. The rumor has already started that this is someone's birthday, so if you come be prepared to spank and sing happy birthday. We had plenty of discussion last night about switches and other spanking devices, so the excitement is building early.

Hey espootoon, tell me the name of these peppers one more time. I knew I should have written it down.

I will truly miss the pineapple sage blooms (Salvia elegans) when frost finally does hits. They are right outside the kitchen patio door and greet us with such bright enthusiasm each morning. These are the cuttings that ran out of water, so I need to make more.

Planting garlic NOW is another topic we discussed last night. I need to thin mine. Today would be a great day for outdoor work. Now if I can just finish the painting, and wall replacement project on the garage.

I forgot to share the plants I brought last night. I came early to get some eatin' in before everyone else got there and others must have had the same idea, 'cause we started eating and talking and .... the rest is history.

Remember now, SATURDAY December 5th is our next meeting. We might change locations to keep things rotating (just like crops) so keep watching.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Nov 14, 2009, at 7:31 AM

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

-- Posted by espoontoon on Sat, Nov 14, 2009, at 8:24 AM

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