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What a weekend! I am beat, but it was great!

Posted Monday, November 16, 2009, at 9:42 AM

A week long project was almost finished this weekend and it is soooo close. That plus ballgames, plus some gardening. Whew! Isn't it great to go back to work?

In April we had a complete wall of our garage blown out by a storm. No one hurt and it probably would not have gone down if it had been built to normal standards, but the previous owner planned to build a sailboat and eventually take it out that end of the garage. I am not quite sure where he was planning to go with it, since the forest is on that end and it drops off quickly, but I'm sure he had a plan.

Anyway, I have been slowly rebuilding it and challenges arose, as always. Like getting 4' by 8' sheets of plywood lifted up to apply to the wall. Boy they get heavy, especially to an old guy who does not do that kind of stuff anymore. Debbi and I struggled with the first three sheets and it was exhausting, but the answer came in the wee hours of the morning. No, we did not work all night. I solved it in my sleep.

Really! Ever heard of, "I'll sleep on it"? Well that is how it was solved. I woke up Saturday morning with a way to do it by myself. It involved ropes, but it wasn't kinky. I pulled the sheets up over the skeleton until it was just about in place. Then climbed up the other side and only had slight lifting to nudge it in place. I also pre-painted the sheets, so now I only have to paint one more time.

That was great until I had closed up the wall and had angled, half-sheets to place at the very top. The wall was closed so I lost my bracing. I figured since they were half as heavy, I could carry them. Wrong Toto, holding this half sheet with one hand did not work well. Then combine that the angle was a quarter of an inch off and I had to carry this thing several times up and down the extension ladder. I was pooped at dusk and not finished.

Then comes the wee hours of this morning and BINGO, I had the solution again when I woke up! I knew there was value to taking naps during the day. I will put the solution to use during lunch or this evening, but I expect no issues.

After all the banging and cussing and such, I will be ready to move the new cat family into the garage. (Yes, we will probably adopt them) I did not want to do it before the banging was done and wanted to give them a safe haven from our dogs.

One in particular loves to charge the cats and pull up at the last minute. If they run, then all is fair and the chase is on. Our cats and the other dog know to just stand still and Shelley will pass them by, but the new cats will not have that experience, so they need a space where Shelley the Terror can not get to them.

By the way, Shelley does not hurt them if she catches up to them, but they don't know that either.

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