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Ramblings from an incurable gardener, coffee lover, animal lover, etc.

Posted Thursday, November 26, 2009, at 8:16 PM

A single plant of Salvia rutilans (Pineapple Sage)
I started this blog out Thanksgiving morning and here it is Thanksgiving night and maybe I will complete enough to post. It is amazing how fast the day went, how little was done, yet how much has developed.

Most mornings I start the day with one cup of coffee, and for the past week or so I have been thinking about commenting on how great the smell of roast coffee is to me. Probably better than the actual "cup of Joe". When we had our coffee shop in Bell Buckle and Wartrace it was always a pleasure to open the doors for the first time each day. Don't get me wrong, I love a good cup of tea, but I have never found one that smells as good as freshly roasted coffee.

Some developments on the cats down the road. I thought we lost the little one I was giving antibiotics. She was missing for three meals and I just knew it did not speak well of her health, but tonight as I was feeding them, I realized that the one greeting me with her meows was not the other sister, but the one with sniffles.

Her carbon copy sister never showed up, but neither did Sable. I guess I need to just chill out (easy to do tonight) and let life play out.

When I was turning the truck around to park next to the cats this morning, ANOTHER new face was peaking at me from the roadside. This time it was a young female puppy. Someone reading this blog must know where I live and is aiming these drop-offs in my direction.

She was a little skinny, but she appears healthy and scared. I gave her some of the cat's food until I could get back with some dog food for her and water.

When I returned this evening, she appeared to be gone, but that was just a ruse. Instead, she showed up on the other side of the fence from the cats and smelled their food. I knew that if I left her there, she would eat all of the cat's food so.......guess who came to Thanksgiving supper?

She has her food in the garage, water and a carpet to sleep on, but she is outside our kitchen door just waiting for her chance to come in. Not a chance girl.

She seems to be friendly with the cats and surprisingly our other dogs don't seem bothered by her, but she will HAVE TO find another home. Anyone looking for a lovable puppy? She will probably become a good sized dog by the size of her feet.

With the forecast going to 32 tonight, I will probably lose my fall plants. The pineapple sage you see in this picture is just one plant that I received from a member of our garden club. It has greeted us with this bright bust of flowers for the last few months and I hate to see it go away. The hummers are long gone, but they appreciated it as much as I.

By the way, that is Rosemary you see to the right of the salvia. It overwinters just fine in our Southern exposure and rock garden.

While putting the garden beds to sleep for the winter, I found a few remaining Chinese melons (squash). I will make soup with them this weekend. One Bok Choy I found was enough for a great stir-fry meal and there are a few more that I packed leaves around and maybe will survive the night. I am also leaving some carrots in the ground for harvesting a little later.

Potatoes I missed digging up are growing again, but I expect they will be zapped tonight. They were not mature enough to harvest any "new potatoes" so I guess I will just have to accept nature's judgment.

My figs are finally done too. I have yet to find a better way to eat these than fresh off the tree. I might get a dehydrator next year and try drying them after rolling in sugar. Anyone ever try that?

I brought in some more fresh catnip for our cats to enjoy. Those, along with the mints will probably go to sleep for the winter tonight. I have some started in pots so maybe we will have enough for teas and some feline frolicking.

Seed catalogs are starting to arrive. I put them in my favorite reading room (you can guess where that is). I honestly have not used all that I got this Spring, so I must behave.

I was talking to my brother that LOVES daffodils tonight. He has actually resisted planting ANY this fall. In Springs past he would take off a week to harvest the 'daffs' and carry them to area hospitals. This year he said he will have to let people come to pick for themselves. He could sell them, but he feels that somehow takes away from the pleasure he has in raising them.

Sophie (our stray lap dog) just notified me she had to go take care of some 'business' before bedtime. Here hearing and eyes might be fading, but her nose is still good. She no sooner got out the door than she stopped dead in her tracks to smell where the puppy had been laying. I am not sure she ever took care of that business.

OK, I am going to stop. I have a number of other thoughts to put down, but I can only take advantage of you folks just so long. Speaking of you, thanks for coming up to me in the community and sharing your enjoyment of my ramblings. I thought there were a few die-hards who read me, but I never realized how many sit quietly in the background. I even got some comments about the blurb Sadie put in the printed paper about the cats. Now if I could just find them homes before.......

By the way, hope all had a Happy T-Day!!

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Thanks Cherokee22. I guess I am lucky, 'cause I like to write (or talk).

The only thing that got hit last night was my Taro Root (elephant ears). All the mints and salvia came through fine even though we had our first frost.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 3:37 PM

I don't(most times)say much but I always read your post Steve. Always enjoy them.

-- Posted by cherokee2 on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 12:11 PM

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