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Wow! What a morning to go back to bed, but wait, I tried that!

Posted Sunday, December 13, 2009, at 12:57 PM

My mornings usually start just before daybreak. Have to get those kitty cats fed before the day really starts, so off we go. Since it was still raining, I decided I should make a covered place for them to eat without getting drenched. They survived that a week or so ago, but hey, we have to keep improving, so I carried a partial sheet of plywood down and made a lean-to dining space. Seems to work good, or at least until Bertha the Cow decides she does not like it.

I get back with all intentions of reading the Sunday paper in peace, but that does not happen for another 1-2 hours. I got distracted tidying up after our new puppy, NO. That's her name for now, NO. If you can't figure out why she has that name, boy, have I got a puppy for you!

We have a big cabinet in the greenhouse that was picked up as a throw-in from one of our record buying trips. We did not have anything to do with it, so it found a home in the dog/cat house we call a greenhouse. We now have a use for it. It hides everything NO has become interested in and wants to destroy.

Finally, I get to the paper, but I have to sit next to the patio door so I can let the cats in and out and in and out and.... There to my surprise is my face! This blog was picked as one of interest after the snow we had. Thanks for the fame T-G.

It is funny how things look different in print. I even saw that I left out two words from my ramblings. Spell checkers can help that but Word (a word processing program) should have let me know something did not ad up. It probably did and I just ignored it.

Some of you know, but others may have sensed that I was bachelorizing (is that a word?) for the past few weeks. Debbi and her mother were touring through Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri visiting friends and family. It did not hurt that Deb's high school reunion was going on either. Well, they have been back about 6 days now and it is GREAT! The cookie jars are refilled, pantry stocked and I find things just getting done again.

Of course, I did not do everything right, but all survived, so it was a win. This morning she started cleaning up the greenhouse (didn't I just do that earlier?) but this time it went much further. In the process, I trimmed a bunch of plants (at least those that NO had not already trimmed) and potted the cuttings for more plants. When we start up the Weed'em & Reap meeting this January, I will start giving away houseplants again. HAVE TO!

I also have scheffleras, with one being about 9-10 feet tall. It is just about too big to keep in the house and actually takes summers outside in the shade of another tree. In the past I read that limiting the pot will help limit its growth, but the plant must not read the same articles as I. Here is a little more info about the plant. ttp://houseplants.about.com/od/foliageplants/p/Schefflera.htm

Lest anyone think I really know what I am doing with plants, let me share my amazing feat this morning. While cutting the plants to make new rootings, I reached too far into this one cluster and clipped my own finger. I scared Deb, the cats and dogs with my rendition of a crazed killer. I bet that kind of thing happens with some of these TV hosts, but I doubt it would be shown.

Our cat Sammy has been great about learning the computer but I think he surprised himself this morning. While it was a piece of cake to walk across my board and make the computer do funny things, today he learned how to turn it on. Except, he was not expecting the thing to come to life under his paws, so his reaction was priceless. Luckily the computer survived too.

If you have not noticed, I have more time to ramble on weekends, but I am through. Enjoy your Sunday.

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