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Look into my eyes, adopt me, adopt me, adopt me

Posted Friday, December 18, 2009, at 11:53 AM

Minnie the feline hypnotist.
Except for cropping, this is exactly how Minnie looked at me last night during feeding time. I promise, I did not photo shop the eyes or do anything but crop it to fit in the blog guidelines.

Now either Minnie is REALLY getting serious or those low flying lights I saw the other night are ..... nah, couldn't be.

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I have regular picture of her and even one taken last night but for some reason this one stays in my mind, my mind, my mind...

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Dec 18, 2009, at 11:57 AM

THAT IS JOY in her eyes,

-- Posted by backat ya on Fri, Dec 18, 2009, at 1:28 PM

Joy at wanting to scratch me or eat me? Sure am glad Debbi never looks at me with THOSE eyes.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Dec 18, 2009, at 1:51 PM

I wouldn't be worried about a dark calico looking like that but a blonde cat with blue eyes would remind me of John Wyndham's "Midwich Cuckoos".

Now,what if the brain-enhancing aliens decided maybe ours wasn't the dominant species around here,after all?

(Let us know if the cats start moving objects from across the room,teleporting the cow,etc.)

-- Posted by quantumcat on Fri, Dec 18, 2009, at 3:57 PM

I pray she gets a great forever family.

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Fri, Dec 18, 2009, at 4:50 PM

They have been wandering a bit lately. Some miss a meal or two but as of tonight all are still with us. As rural as we are here, they have to travel far to find new homes, so unless they are adopted....

The Humane Society has said they would help us with neutering. If that happens and they check out clean for feline leukemia, we will probably adopted them ourselves. We just can not continue paying the vet bills for the main event.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Dec 18, 2009, at 7:39 PM

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