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The mowing season has arrived and I am tired already.

Posted Thursday, April 1, 2010, at 11:09 AM

Yesterday was our first cutting and I got worn out watching my wife cut the yard! Now before you think I am being mean, she WANTS to do it ever since we bought the new riding mower.

For years it was OK for me to ride the smoking red beast, but once the smoke cleared, with a new seat and drink holder, I lost my job. The only time I get to ride it now is when it needs maintenance.

Seeds are popping up all over the place now, but I am purposely delaying my warm weather plantings (even in pots) to try to break up the insect cycle. I would use spun-fiber covers, but our newest dog would have a field day pulling it all up and running wild across the yard. Nothing is sacred.

The first litter of cats has been born, but strangely it is only one kitten. If we could only be that lucky with all of them, but fate will catch up with our luck. The other prospective Mommas have become hard to get near. One has disappeared for days at a time, so I bet she has already given birth somewhere "out there".

Enjoy a beautiful day.

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Hey Steve,

I was wondering if you have any tips for capturing and relocating this feral cat that enjoys nothing better then to hang out and employ the bed of my fiance's truck as a litterbox? My fiance is a nice guy and he loves animals but one more early morning truckbed hosing to remove this cats "calling cards" and I'm not entirely sure what'll happen. My parents have a "Have a heart" trap and I'm thinking of borrowing it and capturing him/her (unsure of sex this thing is untouchable) and relocating him/her to my parents farm which is like two hundred acres and full of other kitties. I know my fiance would never hurt the cat but he's gonna blow a gasket if we don't do something soon. This cats driving him insane. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks :)

-- Posted by freakyfriday on Thu, Apr 1, 2010, at 9:03 PM

The Have-a-Heart sounds like the best answer, but I am curious why the cat is depositing in the truck bed.

I would assume from you comment about hosing the bed down that there is nothing in it like dirt or wood chips that makes the cat consider it a litter box. Cats normally like to cover their activities with dirt or leaves.

I think it is a primal instinct to try to cover their presence from other predators, while others say it is to hide their presence from their prey.

It is also thought that the dominant cat or at least one who thinks they are dominant will leave their feces uncovered to make a statement of ownership over the area. He apparently admires your fiance's truck.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Apr 2, 2010, at 7:37 AM

No, my fiance always parks underneath this big ol tree and whenever he hoses it out leaves fall right back inside it, which the cat uses to cover his ''buissness" and thats how my fiance came to discover the whole mess in the truck, while attempting to prune the trees he stepped in it. But how would I go about luring the cat into the have a heart trap? actually we'll have to buy one b/c my parents one got broken by a oober fat racoon or perhaps a possum. Anyway thanks for all of your help! :) I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by freakyfriday on Fri, Apr 2, 2010, at 8:25 PM

Thanks for the "love your blogs".

I think I would get a generic can of tuna, but you could catch that same raccoon or possum, hopefully not a black & white striped fella. If you put it in the bed of your truck, that might (might) keep the others away until you have caught the midnight pooper.

But if you catch that B&W one, forget where you heard this!

Here is another idea used by folks to keep them out of the garden. Sprinkle cayenne in the back at night. If the culprit gets this on their feet or stirs it up in the nose, they might find another bathroom.

Another possibility is to get a piece of chicken wire that covers the whole bed. They won't like the feel and certainly won't be able to scratch the leaves over their poop.

Are you sure it is a cat? Other critters might do the same thing.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Apr 2, 2010, at 9:45 PM

Steve, need garden help. I understand Miracle-Gro has a product called Garden Weed Preventer. Does anyone have any experience with this product? All help will be appreciated.


-- Posted by cowener on Fri, Apr 9, 2010, at 12:43 PM

I could not get to the actual label of this product so I do not know the ingredients. They say there is a list of plants it can be used with, but I did not find that either. It basically works as a pre-emergent herbicide meaning that it does not effectively work on established plants.


I tend to look for natural solutions. Since I do not know the ingredients I can not say if this is or is not a natural herbicide but if you want to look at corn gluten, here is another site. http://www.pesticide.org/pubs/alts/cgm/c...

-- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Apr 10, 2010, at 8:10 PM

Some plants can be treated with this product. Read the label before you buy it. The active ingredient in this product is Trifluarin, the same product as in Preen and the same one farmers have used for years to control weeds in Soybeans. But always read and follow the label directions. I have used it in the garden with decent results.

-- Posted by rtdavis62 on Sun, Apr 11, 2010, at 12:41 PM

This sounds like something a trained professional would be better applying. Why are they releasing it to over-the-counter use?

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Apr 11, 2010, at 1:03 PM

Because it is a general use pesticide, not a restricted use. Most of the abuse of pesticides comes from misuse of the product, in other words not following the label directions.

-- Posted by rtdavis62 on Sun, Apr 11, 2010, at 10:31 PM

Oh and to clear up a misconception about Pesticides. Pesticide is the general term for all of the following: Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides, Bactericides, and more.

I've been very busy the last couple weeks, pruning, mulching, spraying weeds, apply fertilizers, mowing, and the list goes on. I'm glad to be busy after the winter we had.

-- Posted by rtdavis62 on Sun, Apr 11, 2010, at 10:35 PM

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