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Spring sprucing of greenhouse plants and cats of course!

Posted Saturday, April 3, 2010, at 8:54 AM

These first few hours of Saturday have been filled with fun. Well, maybe to a twisted mind like mine and , maybe it wasn't actually fun but it resolved something that has been nagging at me during the warm spell.

My plants in the greenhouse get pretty dusty from the dogs, cats, and the fact that we store wood and load our wood furnace in this area. Cleaning that furnace can kick up a world of wood ash and much of it finds its way to the leaves of the plants.

Then there is the fact that we water sparingly during the winter because of shorter day lengths, cooler temps and slower growth, so when I awoke this morning and it had not rained yet, I KNEW it was TIME. While feeding the Swiss Robinson cats down the road, it was spitting bursts of rain. Hurry hurry, the bottom will fall out soon.

I got back up and started a mass exodus of plants from the greenhouse to get the leaves washed off by natural rain, AND to soak the root balls to overflowing. It looks like we will have a few dry, mild days after this, so they can dry off and drain well, before I move them back in. Actually, IF I move them back in.

Many of these plants take summer out under the trees, roof overhangs and patio, so if the weather stays in the high 40's for lows, I may just leave them out there. OF course, if I have to travel at all before the treat of frost is still out there, I will move them in or face the wrath of my wife. Ouch! (not really, but it makes a good story and she really would not appreciate it)

I also opened the cold frames and replanted the eggplant over-wintered from last year. I probably should trim the top to encourage bushing out, but there are some blossoms on there and I can't bring myself to see them be wasted. It is about 2' above the soil line and I can brace it if necessary.

I didn't exactly beat the rain, but it wasn't too heavy and I hadn't taken a shower yet, so I just got a bar of soap and.... yeah, right. The not taking a shower yet, was real though, so it did not hurt me to get wet.

Getting back to the cats, we have one baby from one mother at this time, but I am pretty sure another has had her litter. She stays away for a day or more at a time, and when she does come, it is always from the same direction.

She probably comes on her own schedule, which is fine, as long as the coons and possum have not eaten her share. Another week or so and I will try to gather them up to the house.

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