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Weed'em & Reap this coming Saturday.

Posted Monday, April 26, 2010, at 9:26 PM

We will meet at Celebration Way Assisted Living, 895 Union Street, between 6:00 and 6:30 and it lasts until about 8:00.

Our pot luck was great luck for those who attended. We will do it again, but please do not stay away if you forget to bring anything. We want to share garden knowledge, plants, seeds etc. so the more the merrier. If we don't have enough food, we will send out for pizza, or......

Mike found out that some seeds are sacred to a few of us. He mentioned a new edamame (edible soybean) and found out that several of us have been enjoying the treat for years, but never brought in any seeds or plants.

I could probably eat edamame every day and not get tired but I don't ever want to get tired of it, so I pace myself. The plants do not transplant well, or at least not for me. I tried to get a jump on the season several times and was always disappointed with transplants.

I planted later this year than others and thicker than usual since my seeds are two years old. I will plant a new row every 2-3 weeks until July.

By the way, I have been getting good success this year by planting shallower than recommended. I decided that if mother nature can sprout a good crop from seeds just falling on the ground, then I should do OK with a light layer of soil. It has work well so far.

Our first Bok Choy for the Spring came from seed we did not even plant, or at least, not intentionally. I let several plants go to seed last year and after I gathered enough seed, I threw the plants into the wildflower beds. You can guess the rest.

I will be bringing two well established chocolate mint and lemon mint to give away this Saturday. I could also bring catnip if anyone is interested. These things are becoming welcome weeds for us.

I combined a bunch of our dracaena (Lucky bamboo from Chinese restaurants) in an old wok we were about to throw out. Deb had agreed to using it as a planter but expected me to put it outside. Problem was drainage.

I did not have a drill bit that was going to cut through stainless steel very well, so it became a planter for the lucky bamboo instead. This is basically a shallow water garden with pretty stones, glass marbles etc. being the rooting material. The dracaena just roots in the water.

We try to always use distilled water since the plants are sensitive to chlorine. We change out the water once a month or whenever it looks a little old. I also put a drop of liquid soap to break the surface tension and therefore deprive pesky gnats from a favorite breeding environment.

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