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It is time to pull out Klinger's special pills

Posted Tuesday, August 3, 2010, at 6:51 AM

For those of you who are not up on M.A.S.H episodes, during an extremely hot streak, the doctors (believe Hawkeye & BJ) ended up with a batch of placebo sugar pills and decided to use them in an attempt to quiet Klinger's crying about the heat. As you might guess, it worked until he found out the truth.

If anyone has some of those, send me some! This may be the only thing that can help. I believe they went to the prop room for more of these when they needed morphine, so it was some great stuff.

Actually, sugar makes my metabolism hotter, so maybe some shade, a breeze and a nice drink. If there is a bright side to this, AL Gore should be loving it!

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I feel sorry for the plants that have to stay out in this sun. At least our pets can move to the shade and have plenty of water to drink. Hot dry days has just about pushed my garden to its' limits.

To answer anyone who does not know me, I don't like to use city water unless it is to save perennials or newly planted seed. I have resisted planting anything in a while.

Even the plants I have from our garden meetings have stayed potted until this heatwave breaks.

-- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 12:14 PM

My garden is done for, the only thing that grew well in it this summer is grass. There is always next year. The one thing I did learn this summer is that my green pepper plants did well in a raised garden, but they are just getting in gear and producing.

-- Posted by Sharon22 on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 10:07 PM

According to "experts", the ideal air temperature for peppers is in the 74-77 degree range, similar for tomatoes, so I would not blame the plants for shutting down a bit during this record setting heat. AT least I did not blame mine!

I am shut down during it also which is why grass is one of my best crops too! I am not waiting to next year though. I plan to nurse my existing plants back and if it ever starts raining on a regular basis, I will even plant some seeds. (after I get through the grass, of course)

-- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Aug 4, 2010, at 7:20 AM

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