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Garden Club! Garden Club! Garden Club! This Friday Sept. 24th

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010, at 7:37 PM

This continued heat and dry weather has just about closed down any annual garden for me. I really don't like to use treated water. plus we don't know when it will rain, so....

Back on July 10th I started some African Violet cuttings. Out of 6 cuttings placed in vermiculite I now have two baby plants. One is pictured above. I will re-pot these and give them away this Friday night. It has been so long, I forgot what color flower they produce, so we will be all surprised.

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By the way, I not a sadist who is watching for this one caterpillar to meet its doom. If it does not get attacked, I will be curious why, so it is a classroom experiment.

I left all the other caterpillars alone because I want to raise a healthy batch of Trichogamma for the garden. Some people buy these when there area has been sprayed with insecticides that killed both good and harmful insects, so I will mark this down as a cost saving effort.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Sep 24, 2010, at 8:22 AM

Did I say the Datura was fine after the insect attack? Well, I went outside today to check out the seed pods and darned if it was not being attacked by the tomato horn worm BUT the Trichogamma wasp had already been busy and most of them were paralyzed by the larvae. I only found one healthy one and I let that go to watch.

-- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 8:01 PM

Espoontoon, an update on the Datura. This must be made of steel. I have not watered it since about a week after transplanting and after the first bug assault completely defoliated it, it came back stronger than ever. Probably 5 feet tall now and many flowers. Did you tell me it has overwintered with you before?

The flowering tobacco is also doing well, both in the pot and one planted in the soil. The one in the pot has been watered a few times a week, but the one planted in the soil has not been pampered. Still giving a pleasant smell to the evening hours.

-- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 3:38 PM

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