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An ounce of prevention regarding an e-mail supposedly from Microsoft

Posted Saturday, February 19, 2011, at 8:43 AM

I received an email this morning from Microsoft (supposedly) that has an attachment that will help me update security.

It is a well written letter, no obvious grammatical errors BUT I have never received an e-mail from Microsoft and my other computer that has different e-mails has not received this e-mail.

I would strongly advised that no one click on the attachment or follow the directions in the e-mail. If you want to check on an update, go to the Microsoft web site or call your local computer shop to see if they know anything about it.

It even says you may not see any changes, which makes me even more suspicious that they are planting something inside the computer and want you to return to your normal use. The return address says @microsoft.com but that does not mean much, if anything.

It says it was e-mailed to an undisclosed list but after reviewing the properties I determined it was sent to one of my addresses that Microsoft would not have.

End suggestion, DO NOT RESPOND OR TOUCH THE LINK! I could be wrong, but my being wrong will not hurt you. The other action could ruin your day or open you up to I.D. theft.

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Here is another internet safety tip from Kim Komando. Facebook has added another layer of security to keep your account from be hacked. I know we don't like to copy too much from other sites but rather than link you, I put the blurb here in quotations.

"The security measure turns on encrypted communication with Facebook. This makes your Facebook sessions almost impossible to snoop. However, it needs to be activated manually.

Log in to your Facebook profile. Go to Account>>Account Settings. Scroll down until you see Account Security and click the Show link.

There will be a Secure Browsing section. Click where is says "Browse Facebook on a secure connection." Then click Save and resume using Facebook."

-- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Feb 19, 2011, at 8:56 AM

stevemills you posted: "determined it was sent to one of my addresses that Microsoft would not have."

I would not be too sure of that.

Google is in bed with the Government so why should we think Microsoft isn't?

Hillary Clinton is trying to prevent foreign Governments from shutting down the internet service to their people. Sounds like our government has their hands in our file manager. It spies on us at intersections and with Satellite imagery as well as cell phones. Computers and even websites have tracking devices added to them in counters an javascripts. Even programs you download have tracking programs and especially tool bars they ask you to add to your browser. Some even ask you to download their special browser.

I stay away from all those programs. I also stay away from programs or products that have a terms of service that is longer than a page or two. That is just too many unconditional conditions.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Sat, Feb 19, 2011, at 6:07 PM

I will modify my statement a bit. The e-mail I was sent the security notice is not one that anything is registered to with Microsoft.

None of my software is registered to this e-mail address, so there is no reason any of my software companies should contact me with it.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Feb 20, 2011, at 12:04 PM

I have several throw away email accounts that I use when I order something online.

That way all the spam and unsolicited offers go there instead of my personal email.

Some I have never used for years except to update to keep active. I still get email in all of them.

If you read the Terms of Service you are agreeing to letting the company send you emails and not just them, but their associates and affiliates as well. Some even say you have to agree to let them but a banner or Tool Bar on your Browser so they can keep track of where you surf on the internet.

I figure that is none of their business. I just delete their page and move on.

There is several programs that have a way of extracting email addresses from any website you use them on. All they have to do is just go to a website and the software captures every email address on the web site or at least the webpage.

I seen a free one years ago that would only work on yahoo email addresses.

It not only would extract the website owner's email but anyone who emailed that website or got email from them.

Ever wonder where all the Porn emails got your email address? There you go. You don't have to go to porn sites to get porn.

I can type a JavaScript and put it on my website to find out information about who visited my website an what page on my website they visited, how long they were on each page, how many times the came back to the pages, what browser they were using, what country they were from, time of day they visited, etc., etc.. It will even give me their IP Address if I ask for it.

Now, this is just what "I" can do. You can only imagine what companies like Google and Microsoft and yahoo can do with their spyware, Tool Bars, their Browsers, Banners, Software, Freeware and etc..

You could set your computer to "Top Secret" if that were possible, but those big companies can bypass them. They created the system to begin with.

Microsoft created Windows then went on to make the operating system bigger and better. Now we have Windows 7 or is 8 out yet?

Microsoft shoved windows at us by downloading Bill Gates's MS Operating system on the computers before you even buy it.

AOL included a program in their Browser Operating system that would prevent you from using a different browser on your computer.

I deleted AOL and everything that said AOL off my computer back then, even though it was free to use.

They got called on the carpet for that and had to change it.

The US Gov admits it is spying on the American people with cameras at traffic lights, listening in on "All" phone calls waiting for a word to be spoken like "bomb", so they can record everything being said.

The Gov has run test on subliminal suggestions in commercials on TV and in Theaters around the country and now they have made it mandatory to put GPS locaters in Cellphones.

It is said that when you are on line - anyone can access your computer files. Anyone can park outside your home and access your Internet Connection that you are paying for.

If Microsoft wants to email you, they won't have any trouble getting any of your email accounts. Neither will Yahoo or Google. Any Gov agency employee can do it too without your permission or knowledge.

PRIVACY? That's a thing of the past!

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Feb 22, 2011, at 12:24 PM

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