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Anyone in the Bedford or surrounding Counties going to the eBay event in Orlando this year?

Posted Monday, August 8, 2011, at 12:12 PM

We have a big Education Specialist day planned before the actual "eBay on Location" but I am curious if any of our friends and neighbors are going.

I know it is tough to justify the expense at times like this, but a big "pick me up" might be the thing needed to launch you forward.

While we are talking eBay (or at least I am) what do you existing eBayers think about starting a selling group for Southern Middle Tennessee. Maybe once a month or once every other month we can get together to share experiences, give moral support, etc.

It is real easy to stay in the house and retreat into your only "virtual world". In fact, If I did not have a "day job" that required some social interaction, I could easily become a hermit.

My wife and the garden club get me out and around but working the Wartrace Horse show reminded me of all the friends and acquaintances I am missing my staying put on the hill.

If I don't get much feedback from this post, I may make a post of its own to try to get something going. We tried a generalized "internet" group a few years back but I think it may have been too loosely formed and never had enough focus.

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