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If your eBay/PayPal sales get strange, contact eBay or PayPal immediately

Posted Friday, September 16, 2011, at 10:42 AM

You may have already experienced this, hopefully not, BUT the connection to eBay and PayPal has gremlins in it.

There are several thoughts about why, but the worst part is your customer may blame YOU so the earlier you get eBay involved, the faster it will be documented in case some negatives or bad DSR ratings start popping up.

I have heard several different scenarios but basically a sale is made, eBay is paid through PayPal, PayPal reverses the sale and when contacted, eBay does not see any transaction.

Here is a link to eBay's communication boartd with their developers group. http://dev-forums.ebay.com/thread.jspa?t... It was NOT openly announced by eBay to buyers or sellers, but several of us started scratching our heads earlier this week.

It could manifest itself in other ways so any wierdnes probably needs to be documented and brought to eBay's attention. You will be doing us ALl a favor.

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