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A post of the rambling kind.

Posted Saturday, February 4, 2012, at 11:26 AM

I've had a lot of little thoughts over the week and just did not think it was enough to post so....I saved it up for the weekend.

The rain that has been forecast for a few days has finally shown up, so that means I list, list, list, or write, write, write, but since listing makes money, I list.(after I write just a little)

I am a member of a lot of LinkedIn groups but this week I joined a blogging group. Yikes! these guys really post a LOT! I normally allow posts to come to my e-mail all day long but this it group made me change my settings to once a day. even their compiled list of posts is long.

I started my first official seeds of the season yesterday. Using the Jiffy pots Melissa got me last fall, I planted four different Chinese cabbage. The ones I planted in my cold-frame this December are going to seed quickly, so I needed a new batch.

I am planting what I think we will use in a week, then planting again next week. We create our own problem by planting too much at one time, then either throwing it away or trying to find someone who eats our kind of veggies.

I am also about to re-purpose a fort/swing set from Melissa's childhood into a garden growing center. The swing area will grow vining crops so I planted some Snow peas where I anticipate placing that portion of it. Whew, that baby is heavy, even if it is in parts!

Unless the last person we offered it to, takes us up on it this weekend, I will move it to the garden next week. Underneath the vines I anticipate growing lettuce later in the Spring, so it is shaded from the hot Western sun.

The four posts of the fort area will probably become posts for vines with heavy squash, while underneath will be a shaded area to bring our houseplants to their "summer home". The upper level may become another summer home or a place for my garden tools. It's a toss-up right now.

After the peas, may come some beans and then in the fall I may try closing it in with plastic to make a mini-greenhouse (unheated) for cool and cold weather crops. I guess I could try to keep a tomato or pepper in their to extend the season. Who knows?

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