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Mornings are great, if you just did not have to get up to enjoy them.

Posted Monday, July 23, 2012, at 6:54 AM

See who takes over after you leave the bed!
This time of year they are even "more better" since it is the one time you can go outside without breaking a sweat just for being there.

It is a great time to listen to your world waking up, a time to quietly think and in my case, talk to myself, which is great listening time, for me at least.

I just realized a few moments ago that I do not have a song in my head. I almost always do, as some of you know. I really don't know if you are out there, but you are great audiences anyway.

I've opened the sliding door just wide enough for the cats to come and go. Maybe a few bugs, but... it is worth it for not having to get up every few minutes to them them in or out.

PITA is outside whining a little since it is not wide enough for HER to come and go but I have done my duty and gone out to pet them. Hmmm, I just realized that Shelly was not there. I'll have to check on her.

(Time out)

She is OK, and must have just been patrolling the yard. We can often overlook just how happy our dogs are to see us, and how often they are the first to greet us when we come home. Maybe that is where the saying came from about a nice, warm, fuzzy (hairy) feeling.

One of our crew members was my wake-up text this morning at 4:30. He either forgot that he is two hours ahead of me, or getting back at me for him being on the road for over two weeks.

I sent him an immediate follow up text, so he didn't get the satisfaction of thinking he woke me up. He doesn't know I write this blog, so he'll never know, unless you tell him. :-)

Well, the morning seems to be getting off to a good start and I hope yours did too.

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