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If you are using mobile apps to buy things on the internet, take your time.

Posted Saturday, August 11, 2012, at 9:47 AM

We are seeing a huge increase in mistaken orders and even mistaken payments. I attribute this to two things that have come on the scene at my favorite selling venue, the shopping cart and mobile phone buyers.

I could be wrong. We may just have a huge influx of uninformed or confused buyers, but.....

The most common is someone buying something that they thought they were just looking at and had saved in their shopping cart. In that case it is usually a simple, mutual cancellation of the sale, but last week we had a doozy.

A young lady from East Tennessee bought an item once, twice, no three times! When the first came in with no payment, we wrote to see if she had made a mistake since she was a complete "newby" according to her 0 feedback. No answer.

When the second exact item came in, I decided it was time to make a call to try to help her avoid an unpaid strike right from the start. She claimed to not have purchased either, so I suggested she check to see if someone else had her account information.

I also coached her into what to expect and do when she received the cancellation requests. A few days and no response to the cancellations and bingo, another purchase. But this time, it was accompanied by a payment for one!

I called her again to see if she really wanted the one or the three. She once again said she did not buy anything and did not know of paying anything. (a gremlin?)

I told her no problem, we would refund her money but PLEASE respond to the cancellations. She said she had and could not get them to work. Hmmm, that had never happened before so I asked if she was doing it from her phone. Yup.

My advice to her was to go to her computer (hopefully she had one) and to do it from there. After a few days I have two of the three cancellations. Hopefully the third will show up today.

What I found from my own smart phone use is that many of the links going back do not work. I listed 25 items this week and decided to click on one of them to see what the listing looked like on the phone. I got a message that the listing had been removed. ??

You can guess that I was back on the phone, but his time to customer service asking what the heck was going on. They told me what I knew from checking the listing from the computer, it was not removed.

I could even pull it up through their mobile app, but not from the e-mail, so I would bet the young lady had the same trouble with the cancellation request.

We never did find out what happened for sure and I think the payment was an "operator" malfunction that she was not willing to fess up to, but harmony has almost returned to our universe.

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You are welcome. I've had an I-phone for a little over a year. My reception is improved over my Blackberry and I am still getting used to it. Will probably never use all the things it can do.

-- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Aug 14, 2012, at 10:48 PM

By the way, watch out for "duplicate listing" phishing removal emails. We have been doing a lot of maintenance on listings with no sales recently and in the process have duplicated a few listings.

That is a no-no on eBay so they take them back off and send you a little e-mail telling you your mistake.

Last night I got an e-mail that looked identical to the others EXCEPT it was to "undisclosed recipients" and it did not have my name in the greeting. Two red flags to watch for.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Aug 11, 2012, at 10:13 AM

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