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It's time for "What's on your mind" again!

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012, at 7:41 AM

This is when those who are just waiting for their favorite topic to be brought up on the blog get to bring it up themselves!

Really, it is always time for that, so let me read what you want to discuss and I will give it life as a blog topic. There are very few limitations, (personal attacks for example) so if you are in doubt about yours, write to me privately. Steve@bedfordtradingpost.com

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Nowlin Taylor wrote a letter to the editor not to long ago and stated the manhole covers in town seem to be set below the blacktop on our roads causing tire damage and or just an uncomfortable ride when ya hit them....I have to agree with him...it would not be so bad if one or two had the issue but everyone in town is like that it seems....I also wonder why the would pave one of the busiest street in town (blue ribbon pkwy) and not put in sidewalks...I live over there and everyday there is always several folks walking down the road causing a path through the edge of the yards.....I just don't see whomever is making safety decisions or quality of life decisions for our town have their thinking cap on.....the pothole manhole cover should have already been fixed....its not a difficult thing to remedy but has been needing it for several years now... Bethany lane has 4 with the issue alone between Depot and Madison not to mention the one at that back road into Kroger at Fairfield Pike and further down towards the N. Main light.....maybe its just my pet peeve but.....come on decision maker....wake up!

-- Posted by chefgrape on Mon, Nov 19, 2012, at 11:57 AM

I am guessing here, but would the manhole covers seem to recede as the asphalt builds up? What is the solution for that? Is there a way to build up the manhole?

Regarding the sidewalks, it would seem as good as an official study (person count) that if the grass is worn down and a trail created, there is a substantial amount of foot traffic and the sidewalk should be considered for the safety of the walking and driving.

-- Posted by stevemills on Mon, Nov 19, 2012, at 4:20 PM

I'm of the opinion that sidewalks are appealing to the eye. Now, I won't go so far as to say they are a thing of beauty, they do convey a sense of nieghborhhod. Kind of a down home look, if you know what I mean. For instance, I've seen old pictures of downtown areas like Belmont avenue and I imagine strolling down those sidewalks, meeting nieghbors, etc. Maybe even walking to the Princess Theater on a Saturday night. Nostalgic, that's the word I'm looking for.

-- Posted by Tim Lokey on Tue, Nov 20, 2012, at 1:20 AM

Well the sidewalk for blue ribbon should also be considered for during the horse show...there is a solution for the manhole covers in Florida there were steel metal rings the size of the cover they dropped under the cover after paving and created a flush finish....I had a friend that worked for the road dept. in west palm and that was one of his many jobs for them...sidewalks are vary appealing for dressing up the neighborhood in my opinion...even more reason for on a main road to have them...I would hate to be the one setting in the lawn chair at the four-way stop over here doing a traffic count don't think I can count that fast....I have also been woke up many a night with thumping music driving down blue ribbon it will rattle the pictures off the wall...I think they need a big sign that says "we are still a neighborhood please consider others and turn it down" placed out there somewhere.

-- Posted by chefgrape on Tue, Nov 20, 2012, at 7:10 AM

Noise ordinances are in many settled communities. I am not a big one for adding more laws, but this at least gives the police some support for asking folks to "turn it down". It is also beneficial to those in the cars who will be hearing impaired somewhere in the not too distant future. :-)

The steel rings sound like just the answer needed. Anyone on the town council reading these things?

-- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Nov 20, 2012, at 9:17 AM

I would like to comment on hunters and privet property. WHile I know the laws states that property owners need to put up signs to tell hunters not to hunt on their land - I would like to say that anyone who is out wandering with a gun should be smart enough to know when they have gone onto land that does not belong to them, they should have the decency to ask the property owner if it is ok to hunt their land. I may sound odd and be going out on a limb here but I am not comfortable with people wandering on MY property without my knowledge, if they are not smart enough to know where their property lines are, and mine which are not even adjacent to theirs are how can they be considered safe with a gun? I do not think I should have to worry about me, my grandchildren or pets going out on MY land because hunters may be out there. If they are not smart enough to know where their property lines are, or do not have the decency to ask before trespassing they should not be loose with guns unsupervised. It is just not right that land owners should be afraid to wander their own land because hunters are so disrespectful as to think they have more rights to it than the owner does. Maybe someone can help me understand the mentality behind the thought that hunters have the right to go around shooting guns where ever they choose. I am not some anti gun person, I am not against people owning guns, that is not the problem. The problem is the total disregard, the total lack of respect many hunters have. I do not believe they are too ignorant to know when they off their land. They can see when they aim at an animal if it is on land that the shooter does or does not own. It is not the case of shooting the animal and it ran over to our property, they drive up and down the road looking for them , they are not neighbors , they are not welcome.

-- Posted by jstus on Tue, Nov 20, 2012, at 7:57 PM

Since this is a post of random ramblings, and I'm sure you, Steve, are probably the most reliable source to answer my query, I'll say what's on my mind. Black Friday is coming up, and the economy as a whole is just blah. How many people are gonna be lined up at Wal-Mart, buying their over-priced stuff made in China? How will that boost our own economy? I've contemplated buying only from local businesses for Christmas this year, except I only know of a handful of actual Shelbyville businesses. Can you offer a list of all the area businesses to make my shopping a little easier, Steve? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

-- Posted by craftin_mom on Wed, Nov 21, 2012, at 7:37 AM

Separate posts have been started for all topics discussed so far. Be sure to support them with your comments!

-- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Nov 21, 2012, at 10:01 AM

How would Norman Rockwell paint black Friday.

-- Posted by moonwalker on Wed, Nov 21, 2012, at 7:28 PM

I am not sure it is a fond memory but I am sure some families have built a tradition around it so.......maybe he would come up with a good image.

-- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Nov 22, 2012, at 7:04 AM

That's it? No more topics of interest to discuss?

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Nov 25, 2012, at 11:02 AM

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