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Say what? Jussie Smolett charges dropped?

Posted Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 11:35 AM
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    Wasn't that something? Just Proves what I have been saying for several years. The people in charge are brain dead and can not think for themselves.

    I thought it was a done deal when they came up with all those charges. Looked like a slam dunk to me!

    I wonder what letsbereal has to say about that?

    I think the states needs to look at their prosecutors and judges a little closer.

    I could maybe understand it if he was an illegal alien!

    Even as a common law case, the courts would have the jurisdiction over him because there was damages and Fraud.

    -- Posted by sui on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 12:15 PM
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    Steve, the "they" that you quote are justy smell-it's lawyers. Of course people are not guilty until proven guilty in a court of law. Not guilty does not equal innocent. Chicago politics, which includes the DA, are at least as dirty as the DC swamp. Justy got his charges dropped, Chicago got his 10 K. Sounds like a fair deal to me. And he is still guilty of mail fraud until he publicly convinces me he is innocent.

    Maybe less laws would be better. Let people say what they want. But also let them put up with the consequences.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 12:16 PM
  • George Soros donated just shy of half a million to Kim Foxx, the prosecutor in the Smollett case.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 1:09 PM
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    Ok, Steve, if you really want to know the truth, I will tell it to you. But most people can't handle the truth. And this will change everything forever.

    The prosecution knows Justy is guilty. They have it on tape. But they know the defense will call Justy to the stand and have him try on the MAGA hat and the noose. Of course he will "struggle" getting them on. HE IS AN ACTOR!!!

    Then the lawyer will tell the jury "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit". And there will be jury nullification.

    The prosecution doesn't want that to happen. And they are trying to trap all the other actors. My sources at the bottom of the rabbit hole tell me they are working with Michael Jackson to expose the whole rotten crew.

    Most people don't know MJ faked his own death. But he is going to "expose" himself any day now. And every day it doesn't happen, trust me, it will only be a few more.

    Once he exposes himself, he will take his one gloved hand and beat it. My sourses tell me the "it" will be all the acting community and anyone who colluded with them.

    I know most people won't believe this. I don't really care. I've warned you and my conscience is clear.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 2:40 PM
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    DDDam, You're good fairshare. Looks like you've been paying attention! You're learning how to keep the comments going and make it more exciting. The only thing is - MJ Exposed himself too much. You did leave out the best part where all his friends said MJ was cloned! But you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

    -- Posted by sui on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 4:02 PM
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    I quoted my sources correctly but they misused a word. Totally understandable since things are moving so fast. MJ will soon "reveal" himself, not expose himself. That would just be sick in the head. And we all know that has no place on this board. But he will reveal himself any day now.

    You can mock me all you want. But I will have the last laugh when he reveals himself and the whole world is changed forever.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 5:19 PM
  • But what about when D.U.S.A.K.A becomes law and all noodles are worthless?

    -- Posted by quietmike on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 5:36 PM
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    Well, quietmike, I was trying to keep that secret so people would be surprised. When all that happens, there will be a starry, starry night; Harrison and Lennon (John, not Vlad Lenin) will resurrect and the Beetles will reunite; the marching band will finally yeild; and the day the music died will be lost forever.

    The waitress will still be practicing politics(AOC), the businessman(Elon Musk) will still be getting stoned, and Burney will still be sticking his hand in my jar saying "man,you don't need all that bread there".

    Then we all get back to our normal lives. At least as normal as they ever were.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Mar 26, 2019, at 6:04 PM
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    Ahh, this is getting good! However, How will we ever know if it really is MJ or his clone? You never thought of that did you? They were cloning people back in the 80's maybe even the 70's.

    You two are showing me the top quality of your common sense.

    You are not even thinking straight.

    Let me ask you a stupid question, since all my questions are stupid to people like you two.

    What happened to a President's Family after his term was up?

    Do not the secret Service protect them for Life against the rest of the world and creatures like Hillary Clinton who eats human flesh?

    How do you suppose Hillary could get someone to plant a bomb on JFK, Jr's plane without the SS knowing about it, knowing why and making it look like it happened?

    Like Hillary Clinton, the SS can make things happen that don't happen and not happen when it does happen!

    When you think like an idiot, you become an idiot!

    What will you do when the Stock Market goes down with the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve. Will you continue to file your taxes when the IRS is shut down? Who will you send it to?

    The Global Currency Reset was suppose to happen in 2017 but Trump has allowed it to continue until he can get the Gold Standard in place. Look at your fiat US Dollar! That Dollar Bill is only worth 4 cents. No one wants to buy it or use it anymore except the Americans and that is by choice.

    We are going on the Gold Standard in April. You don't hear about it because the MSM has been told not to talk about it. The deep state is trying to hang on to something but they have lost to Trump. Trump controls the Central Banks and Federal Reserve and the IRS.

    All you brain dead people thought he was stupid and living off his daddy's money.

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Mar 27, 2019, at 11:51 AM
  • I don't think anyone here thinks Trump is the one who's stupid

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Mar 27, 2019, at 8:53 PM
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    I am just a retired unheroic veteran who came home to keep from going over to Viet Nam who has earned the right to say stupid things now and then! However, who is smart enough to say what I say is stupid or not? Just because it sounds stupid to some, may not be stupid at all!

    I may be too stupid to be smart enough to be that stupid. You have to ask yourself, where you fit in, if everything I say is stupid and You understand all of it.

    If you don't understand everything I say, you may be the one who is stupid!

    A person who is crazy will tell you he is not crazy, but a sane person will tell you he is going crazy because he isn't crazy!

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Mar 28, 2019, at 10:37 PM
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    Bravo, sui. Stand up for your rights! But you actually had the right (not earned) to say whatever you want, stupid or not, on the day you were born.

    Speaking of saying stupid things and bringing this back around to the original subject, I saw something so stupid earlier today that I'm considering never turning on the TV again. Justy's lawyer explained how he could be telling the truth about his assailants being white because she saw the Nigerian brothers in whiteface. I'm just not sure I can hold out hope for Chicago anymore.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Mar 28, 2019, at 11:10 PM
  • If they are still doing damage control, they must know another “foot” is about to drop.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Mar 29, 2019, at 7:18 AM
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    The city is sending him a bill for over $100k to cover part of the expenses he caused. Then he gets to decide what to do. Pay it which would be an admission of guilt. Or not pay it and get sued by the city in civil court. No DA, preponderance not beyond reasonable doubt. That is how the corrupt Chicago machine shakes down people.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Mar 29, 2019, at 8:47 AM
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    I know that a lot of people badmouth BLM, but sometimes, black lies really do matter.

    -- Posted by fair share on Sun, Mar 31, 2019, at 1:09 PM
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