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The speaker of the house is going to discuss the impeachment progress on a well revered news program.

Posted Thursday, October 31, 2019, at 8:20 AM
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    Steve, sarcasm becomes you. It is my native language and really should be the official language of the country.

    I almost feel sorry for poor old nancy. I think she is just smart enough to realize impeaching Trump for the crime of winning hildabeast's rigged election is going to hamper the demonrat party for the next generation. But she doesn't have the guts or spine to stand up to the children in her party.

    The last trick up her sleeve for personal preservation was ordaining adam schidt to be the prosecutor, judge, and jury. With the voters in her district being so distracted watching the schidt show they won't realize nancy lost them the House next year so at least her own seat will be safe another term or two.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Oct 31, 2019, at 11:37 AM
  • Not surprising since Tom Brokaw and Geraldo have both called out the impeachment inquiry for what it is.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 31, 2019, at 7:13 PM
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    The impeachment is being used to trip up the democrats. It's all been planned out before hand. The democrats are falling for the trap. It's like they are walking into quicksand.

    Pelosi has Kuru and therefore she can not think straight. Adam shift has Kuru also. The Democratic party is coming down with Kuru so it is just a matter of time before they all lay down and die. Watch them shake and tremble and have to drink water all the time and are confused about what they are talking about. They can't keep anything right.

    There isn't a news media that can tell the truth about what is going on. If they know the truth they can not talk about it.

    Trump has a minimum of 12 clones doing his speeches and rallies and special appearances.

    Since today is Halloween I will go so far as to tell you this; Michael slams Barrack Obama against the wall every night and rapes him to the point that Obama turned himself in to the patriots to get away from Michael who was the one running the white house, not Barrack. Barrack was and is a patsy. He is underground in Greenland where Jeffery Epstein is being held. Obama is naming names. George Soros committed suicide when they came to arrest him, therefore his Clones decompose in about 48 days and new ones have to be created to keep old George in the public eye.

    Hillary Clinton died back in 2016 before the election. They brought her back to life, just enough to keep her clones from decomposing. Hillary also has movie actresses playing Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton is still alive but dying of Kuru, a very painful death if he doesn't get enough blood to drink (equal to 1 child per day). With the child trafficking stopped, there are a whole lot of Politicians and movie stars who will be dying. Watch all the suicides start happening.

    Is anyone writing all this down? This will make for a good Halloween Novel for those who don't know this is happening today in our lifetime.

    If Steve archives my comments, he will have a multi-million dollar seller.

    Just think, I haven't even started telling you about the Aliens and Demons that are walking the earth today and what they are doing.

    I told everyone that if nothing happened by Halloween night, I would not come back on here.

    It is easy to see that a lot has happened already, but the mass arrests won't happen until Turmp shuts don the government giving him the authority to arrest the politicians not in session.

    Have yourself a Spooky Halloween! Watch out for the ghosts, goblins and demons, lol

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 31, 2019, at 9:22 PM
  • If Steve archives my comments, he will have a multi-million dollar seller.


    Steve, you could call it "The descent into madness", it does have a Halloween ring to it.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 31, 2019, at 9:57 PM
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    A2: 1

    Robert Francis: 0

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Nov 1, 2019, at 7:16 PM
  • Who exactly described it as a news program ?

    -- Posted by Palindrome on Sat, Nov 2, 2019, at 11:09 AM
  • Tongue in cheek. It was my twisted sense of humor since the show is neither a news nor unbiased.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Nov 2, 2019, at 11:11 AM
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    The Mass arrests will happen in 2019! That means This Month and Next Month during Thanksgiving and Christmas! I hope they all get arrested on thanksgiving Day during the Thanksgiving Day Game!!! They actually deserve worse! The World will change in 2020 and people won't know what happened. They will still be thinking of things like "The descent into madness" or that insane White Supremacist who didn't think he had to obey the law, only the Common Law that will be the only Law recognized by the courts in the next couple years.

    EVERYONE Must Change or they will be left behind when the world changes overnight.

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 3:32 PM
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    You don't realize just how true your "twisted sense of humor" really is. It is neither a news nor unbiased! It is however a show! The thing is many of the characters are not who you think they are. they are being played my clones or actors or just plain look-a-likes who know nothing about what they are talking about or doing.

    Now is as good a time as any to get really insane with everyone. I will not go into it now, but just want to let everyone think about it. The world is at war with itself and being guided by super natural beings and some aliens on both sides! You may even see some Angels and Demons in the very near future. You people think I am wierd. You haven't seen anything yet. Just remember, every thing is changing for the BEST! Not only will "America be Great Again", but the whole world will change for the better, including the people.

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 4:00 PM
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    Although it may sound sick and scary, it is a good blessing and what better time for it to happen than Thanksgiving 2019? Everything won't change in one day, but will begin to change. It will be moving fast enough to keep people in a daze and unsure of what is happening.

    Like I have said many times before. History is being made and we are living in the middle of it and very few people know anything about this crazy battle of the Gods!

    Luckily it will be written down in History books after it is done and over and I can say I was a part of it. What will you be able to say? Were you a part of it or one of those sleeping people who called the Patriots crazy?

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 4:04 PM
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    "You haven't seen anything yet."

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 4:00 PM

    You are correct, sui. We haven't seen anything yet. And I'm not holding my breath for November or December.

    I find it somewhat curious that the house libs are mute on finally getting the House impeachment hearings underway. Suppose it is possible that they have enough gumption to realize the Shifty Schidt Show is a sham?

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 7:44 PM
  • So the mass arrests are supposed to happen around Thanksgiving, yet mass arrests have already happened and there are clones passing themselves off as famous people?

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 8:28 PM
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for many things this year. Every day I wake up feeling thankful that Donald Trump is not only my President, but also the President of every single left wing hater that is an American citizen. I also wake up every day thankful that the antics of the demonrats have yet again made it more likely the red tsunami in November will bring back control of the House to those that won't squander every waking moment on one crazy witch hunt after another.

    I am also thankful that the demonrats have put us through the crap they have. The first 2 years of the Trump administration were marred by Republican resistance. Yet he made America better. The next 2 years have/will continue to be marred by Democrat resistance. Yet he continues to make America better. Now that the crazy antics of the domocraps have forged solidarity of the Rs with Trump, can you even imagine how great it will be after the next election?

    Well, I gotta go eat some turkey, watch some football, and maybe accidentally take a nap. Y'all have a great Thanksgiving!

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Nov 28, 2019, at 11:06 AM
  • I usually donít mind a split power base that balances out and forces compromise but the House has wasted soooo much time and resources on their obsession that I now pray that the Republicans will dominate both houses so we can move forward again.

    I realize that the Republicans blocked a few things the Democrats tried to push through but the devil is in the details and those bills may not have been as good as they portrayed them.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Nov 28, 2019, at 11:37 AM
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    It seems like SOP frequently is to have the main part of a bill be something that anyone in their right mind would be for, then attach pork or pet projects or downright crazy stuff. Then when you vote against it they claim you aren't for the good part. I would support an ammendment saying items have to be voted on separately.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Nov 28, 2019, at 12:28 PM
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    Does anyone else realize that in the entirety of this great nation, fully 2/3 of the Presidents that have been impeached have been impeached simply because they embarrassed Hillary Clinton?

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Dec 20, 2019, at 4:09 PM
  • Interesting observation. At least they did not commit suicide. Heard that a key witness that started the Russia witch hunt has disappeared and presumed dead. True?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Dec 20, 2019, at 8:26 PM
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    I haven't heard that yet, but it wouldn't surprise me. The whole corrupt mess goes all the way up the line including the Hildabeast and Barry bummer.

    On an interesting side note, some people are saying Trump hasn't been impeached, yet. Technically won't be finalized until the Articles are conveyed to the Senate for trial. And some are saying the Senate can't have a trial unless they receive the Articles. I'm not sure about either one of those things since they aren't specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Sounds like something for SCOTUS to decide.

    But Pewlosi knows she is between a rock and a hard place. Had to do the impeachment since she didn't have the ba... to stand up to the commie wing of the party. And she doesn't want to have the final verdict we all know will be not guilty. Fortunately, regardless how this ends, she has allowed enough damage to the sinking ship dimrats that Trump will ride a red tsunami into the 2020 election and bring majorities in both houses of Congress with him.

    My guess is pewlosi will hold onto the Articles of Impeachment unless forced by SCOTUS and McConnell will go ahead and have a trial-like procedure resulting in exoneration that will function as a not guilty verdict should the dims send the Articles at some later date.

    I suspect that at this very moment ninny nancy, nattering nadler, and schidty schidt are conspiring on the next impeachment. They will rinse, wash, and repeat as long as Trump has the White House and they are squatting in the People's House.

    -- Posted by fair share on Sat, Dec 21, 2019, at 1:00 PM
  • Just a thought that crossed my mind, Posi suddenly chooses to retire to get away from the mess that has been created.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Dec 21, 2019, at 6:50 PM
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