Bedford Ramblings by Steve Mills en-us Are we still in the campaign? There is no shortage of news these days, but I wonder about the substance. The Comey firing should have been enough and will be interesting to follow through, but then we have memos of private meetings and supposed top secret information being handed to the Russian Ambassador. I say supposed because I have yet to have heard of anything all that top secret except for sources and THAT seems to have come from someone else talking to the news who talked to the world. Someone's head should roll,... Thu, 18 May 2017 08:54:11 -0500 Are you getting ready for the solar eclipse? I was scanning the LA Times for a local phone number when this caught my eye. It is not until August but here is a site so you can get a close estimate of your chances seeing a 100% eclipse. We will be 11 miles off the 100% path and who knows what the weather will be but it is kind of interesting. we normally don't get this close to seeing these things. to calculate where you are or where you need to be. Shelbyville will... Mon, 15 May 2017 07:14:19 -0500 Your thoughts on the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey Time has repaired my nerve endings and I am once again willing to host discussions on National and International topics. Please do your best to not get into a personal slug-fest? :-) I have little to no opinion on the matter so I don't really have an intro. I saw and heard some comments during breakfast but not enough to form any cogent thoughts so..... Thu, 11 May 2017 15:39:14 -0500 Thoughts on kayakers on the Duck River For the full story go to If you have another local story or issue you want to discuss, let's read about it. A few things stuck in my mind about the Duck River kayaking story. One is that some kayakers were not only unappreciative of the help they received but also defiant of the advice given to them for THEIR SAFETY. Except for the fact that it might result in the loss of a human life, my first thought was fine, let them stay stuck until THEY find a... Sat, 06 May 2017 13:14:35 -0500 The term endangered teen has been used a lot lately. I would venture to say that most endangered teens were "at risk" (one who is less likely to transition into adulthood successfully) long before they received their latest classification of being endangered (under circumstances that indicate they may be in danger) . Endangered could be for medical reason and apply to the elderly as well but from having worked with trouble youth many years ago, their behavior is often a reflection of something being dis-functional in their... Wed, 03 May 2017 20:38:06 -0500 If you are prone to frost when no one else gets hit, watch the weather coming up. It is a few days in advance, but you may not notice until the night before, which is not fun. Right now the weather is projected to to turn much cooler Thursday and Friday nights so be ready. If you are prone to getting the first or last frost, it could get close. Irregardless, cold nights like that will not help your cold sensitive plants like tomatoes, peppers, squash. A little protection might sill be in order. The plants might not die like a frost would do, but cold certainly could... Mon, 01 May 2017 21:32:04 -0500 Help wanted: Need a “people person”, but computer software will decide your fate. For years I have heard companies complain about how hard it is to find good employees and lately I have been a little more involved in that process and I found an interesting “sign of the times”. The title above is one of them. I see job openings where they laud the personal touch, people persons who know how to relate to the customer or potential customer. But they leave their search up to computers to look for key words. If you don’t have the right words under the right... Tue, 25 Apr 2017 17:16:36 -0500 Your thoughts about recent issues on flights? I'm not sure I know the full details of any of them but what have your experiences been? I have not flown in several years, so I can't tell if the "climate" has changed, but I used to fly several times a week for years and during that time I found the flight attendants and ground support folk to be exemplary, especially when considering how testy we travelers can be after all the little "issues" that come up when trying to arrive at the airport, go through... Mon, 24 Apr 2017 10:17:46 -0500 Does the recent gas tax get your seal of approval? It is only a matter of time that "progress" demands more to feed it. Today's article in the T-G discusses that progress and I wondered what others might think. There was a time that I wondered how they could keep approving projects but have no funding. Guess that was answered. Build up a big enough deficit ($10.5 billion backlog of road and highway projects) and people will feel like it HAS to be funded. I am sure there are many... Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:54:24 -0500 What programs are available to youth to prepare them for stepping into the world of adulthood? I ask this because because as an employer I saw soooo many young people somewhat clueless of how "life" works on the other side of the education. Anyone have knowledge of current efforts to prepare students in Bedford, Rutherford or Coffee County? Wed, 19 Apr 2017 11:45:52 -0500 Do you have fairies or leprechauns in your Wardian Case? Yikes! Don't call the exterminator! Most fairies and leprechauns are good and bring good things so you want to take care of them. Plenty to eat, drink and above all things, make sure they have FUN! But what's this about a Wardian Case? A Wardian case can be great for traveling or protecting your wee little friends during the cold months. They won't have to hide away during Winter or heavy rains. The weather inside is always, just right. Maybe by now you have let your "fingers... Fri, 14 Apr 2017 10:54:41 -0500 The world of macro photography. I am always fascinated by what the world looks like under the microscope, which is in essence macro photography. I ran across this picture while looking for information on vinyl records, so now you know. It is a stylus sitting in the groove of a record. The smaller shot is at 1,000 magnification but I do not know the other close-up setting. Now that I see this, I can better understand how the stylus vibrates and transmits different sounds to the speakers. It is AMAZING and this is OLD... Thu, 13 Apr 2017 13:58:29 -0500 Time for Fairy Gardens? The next meeting of Weed'em & Reap is going to be focused on creating and maintaining miniature gardens. They could range from dish gardens, terrariums or any creative container, up to small gardens outside in your yard. If I had a brick and mortar garden store, I would consider having a walking path with fairy gardens scattered around. One of our members found what she termed the "mother load" of items at Martins' in Murfreesboro. Locate their Facebook page and you... Sun, 02 Apr 2017 10:28:37 -0500 Re-discovering Frank Sinatra. What a pleasure! We had an internet customer contact us about a particular record we were selling and since he was a "hot lead" I did not mind going a little extra to converse and answer questions. Selling a 45 rpm and listening to it is not a big deal, but listening to hundreds of 33 rpm albums could be overwhelming, so we describe visually and only play if the record has a questionable spot AND has some reasonable value. This wasn't big money but listening to Frank has never been a chore, so... Thu, 30 Mar 2017 10:53:11 -0500 Yeah, shorts season, but alas, I may not be able to participate. At least not around the house, which is where I get my tan and who want to go out in shorts with skin that hasn't seen the sun in MONTHS? My legs look rough enough with all the cat and kitten scratches, but white too? The problem stems from those paws, some of which are reaching out to touch me as I type this. Robert (aka Bobby) likes to reach up and touch me to ask for something. At any rate, I started wearing shorts this weekend, but after being temporarily tattooed with four loooong... Mon, 27 Mar 2017 08:21:46 -0500 Spring time weather rolls in and my plants go out Not sure that there is a real correlation here but it is what happened so..... I put some small plants out two days ago and thought, THOUGHT I had them far enough away that Spotty could not reach them. All but one Boston fern, which paid the price. It got divided and re-potted. This round of plants were larger ones and I put them under the roof overhang and right in front of my desk so any mischief (during the day) will be very obvious. At least she seemed repentant when I found the... Sat, 25 Mar 2017 17:20:40 -0500 Except for a few comments early on, this post has degraded to worthlessness. Please do not waste your time or think this is reflective of me. For those who made thoughtful comments, I will leave the post up, but I extend my apologies . I could create a title about a specific current event, but why not let you tell me? Local, National, International, Galactic, what? If the topic warrants,I will create a separate post just for that so, let me know. Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:30:11 -0500 Know what day it is? Not Hump day so the next best is the first day of SPRING! Well, the March Equinox anyway. Daylight are supposed to be the same and many use it to signify the first day of Spring, but for us gardeners, take it with a pound of compost. (compost is a good thing to add for most gardeners) Why the caveat? 'Cause Nature can throw curve balls quickly so if you get too antsy to plant warm weather plants, BE READY TO PROTECT! I know, because I used to push the envelope every year and without a doubt, we always... Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:00:14 -0500 Got Chickens, Turkeys, any type of fowl? Better check the T-G news page! Just in the far out chance that you come here and just look at blogs and don't subscribe to the paper, you might want to look at there current article regarding avian flu. I think the first article or two is free, Fri, 17 Mar 2017 10:20:56 -0500 Active content will be blocked from eBay listings before you know it so here is a tip about embedding youtube. For those of you already embedding Youtube, the normal way is not going to work so take a little time to check this out. For those who do not know, Jim 'Griff' Griffith has been a key figure in ebay education from waaaay back, back before Windows. To those of us who are Education Specialists, he will always be our "Dean". Thu, 16 Mar 2017 21:26:09 -0500