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Monday, Apr. 21, 2014
Tennessee Still Easy Place to Do Wrong
Posted Wednesday, April 10, at 12:07 AM
One of my best friends and a former boss lives by the philosophy that we all should: "If it's wrong I'm not going to do it," he always says. " I'm going to do what's right." I've heard this thousands of times. He's the only politician that I've ever trusted and respected. It's easy to see why...

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A Very Beneficial Service
Posted Tuesday, November 13, at 11:42 AM

Being able to utilize the workhouse program has been a very beneficial service to this community. For those not familiar with this program, it is where the persons who have committed lesser crimes are let out of the workhouse each day under the supervision of an approved person(s) to work in the community. ...

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Finally Free from Fleas!
Posted Monday, August 20, at 8:06 AM

The fleas have been really bad this year and it's been quite a battle all summer. We did all the things that you read or hear about. We had been applying a topical spot treatment to our dogs each month. It was working fine until about 3 months ago. It would work great for about a week and then here were the fleas again. ...

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Puppies and More Puppies
Posted Friday, March 30, at 7:34 AM

At every turn, it seems, there are more puppies to help. It is that season - puppy season and soon to be kitten season! It's the time of year people in animal welfare grow to dread. Each day there are calls from people wanting to surrender these precious babes. ...

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Trying to Catch Up
Posted Monday, February 27, at 10:47 AM

It's been a while since I've blogged- about 3 months. My intention was to be a weekly blogger, but the work load of an animal welfare volunteer is often overwhelming. For the past 3 months I found myself starting the day by 6:30 a.m. and ending about 11 p.m. with still mounds of work to do that carried over to each day. Although Sat. and Sun. weren't quite as long, there was always work to do. I would get a small amount of rest and then back to it hot and heavy again...

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Adopt A Senior Pet
Posted Wednesday, November 23, at 9:45 PM

There are many senior pets in shelters all across the U.S. They end up there for many reasons. Many are left behind as their owners pass away or become too ill to care for them. November is Adopt A Senor Pet Month. Lily is just one senior pet available for adoption here in our community. There are many reasons to opt to adopt a senior pet rather than a puppy. Petfinder has put together this list outlining the advantages of owning a senior pet...

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Transport is on it's Way
Posted Sunday, November 20, at 8:55 AM

30 Animals from Bedford County are headed this morning to Milwaukee to find forever homes. Volunteers were up early for the 5 a.m. transport. What a great program!

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Getting Ready for Transport
Posted Wednesday, November 16, at 9:31 PM

About 36 good adoptable dogs will be transported up North Sunday morning so that they can find their forever homes. This is an effort that has been going on for over 3 years and has resulted in the reduction of needless euthanasia of good animals. The health examinations were done tonight and the animals are ready for the 10 hour trip. ...

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An Introduction to Our Local Companion Animal Welfare Plight
Posted Tuesday, November 15, at 6:21 PM

I have been volunteering in companion animal welfare for many years and there is as great a need today as there was all those many years ago. I will say that in Bedford County we are much more fortunate than most of the other 95 counties in Tennessee. ...

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Tails of Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
Kimberly Warren
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Kimberly is avid companion animal welfare advocate. She helps to educate the community on animal issues relevant to this area and is involved in organizing the efforts of others who have the same passion.
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