Library reading program conclusion

Friday, July 15, 2011
Mary Reeves

it was all about magic and mutton at the ending of Argie Cooper Library's summer reading program. The Magic Mr. Nick performed illusions and other acts of prestidigitation and, in keeping with the program's international theme, demonstrated tricks from magicians around the world. Children's librarian Jessica Osborne had both a good day, and a baaaaa-d one,because she had to kiss a sheep. She told the children she would if they met the goal of 15,000 books read by the end of the program, and the kids went above and beyond with 15,132. "One boy asked me if I would kiss a frog if he read 100 books himself," said Osborne. "He did, and he caught a frog, but it was a baby and his mother made him let it go." So while there was nothing to feel sheepish about when it came to the reading program, she was just as glad not to worry about getting a frog in her throat.