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Friday, Oct. 31, 2014
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Fewer vote early for November election (10/31/14)
A total of 3,557 people voted early for the Nov. 4 general election, fewer than the 3,992 who voted early in the same election four years ago. Early voting ended Thursday evening, although there are some mail ballots arriving which are not included in the above total...
State audit describes 5 findings (10/31/14)
The state comptroller's office has released its audit of Bedford County for the 2013-14 fiscal year, and there are five findings -- undesirable or improper situations identified by the auditors. The state, for the second year, said the billing software used by the School-Age Care Program does not have proper safeguards and should be updated or replaced. ...
New state history standards criticized as 'leftist' (10/31/14)
Is the teaching of Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. history in Tennessee about to become more negative of America or more flexible for instruction? That depends on whom you listen to. Those two positions were presented during a webcast workshop meeting Thursday at the Tennessee Board of Education regarding changes to the AP U.S. history course (or, APUSH, as some call it). The changes are set to take place in May 2015...
Theft suspects sought (10/31/14)
These photos from Walmart security cameras show suspects in the theft of more than $8,000 worth of iPads from the store last Sunday. The pair are also suspected in a similar incident at the Pulaski Walmart last Friday. Call the Shelbyville Police Department, 684-5811, or Crimestoppers, 685-4300.
Lower cost smooths paving plan (10/31/14)
Bedford County Board of Commissioners, in a special meeting Tuesday night, approved a $2 million hot mix program to re-pave county roads, The special meeting was called because the county had a chance to finance the program through a capital outlay note at a five-year rate of 1.53 percent, which county finance director Robert Daniel said was "a great rate."...
Harassment suspect suddenly stops fleeing (10/31/14)
A suspect in a harassment case attempted to run from a deputy Wednesday, officials say. But Kevin Scott Bryan, 30, of Brookhaven Circle only got less then 100 yards -- the length of a football field -- before complying with Deputy Tim Fox's order to stop...
A walk in the sun can ease time change woes (10/31/14)
Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday. As clocks turn back one hour, we gain an hour of sleep but often still feel groggy and sluggish. Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Center specialist Kelly Brown, M.D., says this change in sleep schedule is exacerbated by our tendency to alter our sleep patterns on the weekends anyway...
State: Can you afford it? (10/30/14)
State regulators are questioning whether or not Bedford County can borrow money to build a new industrial park, according to discussion Tuesday night at a special called meeting of Bedford County Board of Commissioners. The state's division of local finance has said that the county can't use an inter-fund loan -- borrowing from itself -- and can't use the debt service fund for such a project...
Bypass mess won't be sticking around (10/30/14)
A Shelbyville man has until Monday to clean up a large number of auto-related items -- including a leaking oil barrel -- alongside a heavily-traveled downtown street. The mess on Highway 82 Bypass began with an eviction last week, an arrest on Tuesday, and now junk covers a large portion of a lot next to Absolute Auto. The auto repair shop continues in business and is not affected by the eviction of John Holden, who owns the spread of old tires and boxes...
Memories in mahogany: Model plane honors pilot (10/30/14)
It was just a passion she had. That's how Shanda Carney Fanning's father Eph Carney described her daughter's aviation career Tuesday as Shelbyville's airport received a mahogany scale model of the United Parcel Service (UPS) aircraft she flew. Fanning was one of two pilots killed last year in Alabama when the jet crashed near the Birmingham airport...
Woman grabbed while taking not-so-free items (10/30/14)
The large number of items piled up along 82 Bypass next to Absolute Auto in downtown Shelbyville aren't being given away. A passerby found out the hard way Tuesday when the items' owner allegedly struck her as she loaded goods into her vehicle after seeing a "free" sign, Shelbyville police said...
For library, $100K in the books (10/29/14)
Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett visited the site of the new Shelbyville and Bedford County public library on Tuesday, along with State Sen. Jim Tracy and State Rep. Pat Marsh, to celebrate the state's $100,000 grant towards construction of the new facility...
Amendment 4 gives vets right to hold raffles (10/29/14)
Ten years ago, in 2004, the Tennessee Charitable Gaming Implementation Law was signed into law. It gave certain tax-exempt groups the right to hold one fund-raising raffle, or similar chance-based fund-raiser, each year without violating the state's gambling laws...
Cell tower locations to get more study (10/29/14)
Shelbyville's planning commission will do further research on cell phone towers. Planning and community development director Amanda Rhinehart produced "a very rough draft" of a revised 16-page ordinance regulating tower locations at last week's meeting...
Veterans Day parade set for Nov. 8 (10/29/14)
Bedford County's Veterans Day Parade will line up at noon Nov. 8 on Lane Parkway. The parade will include all three public high school bands -- Central, Cascade and Community. Other floats and decorated vehicles are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis...
Christmas Parade entries now accepted (10/29/14)
Entries are now being accepted for the 41st annual Christmas Parade sponsored by Shelbyville & Bedford County Chamber of Commerce and Shelbyville Jaycees. The parade will be 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6, with a rain date of 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 7, along the normal parade route. The parade will stop at the old Handy Dandy Market on Madison Street, not go farther as it has some years in the past...
Medication catches eye of home intruder (10/29/14)
An intruder entered a Sun Circle home near H.V. Griffin Park during the day Monday, police said. Nothing was taken but the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas were ransacked and medication containers had been "gone through," the resident said. The back door was kicked to gain entry, leaving it damaged...
Local man charged in airport rampage (10/29/14)
A Shelbyville man faces charges after a brawl at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last Thursday. McCleish Christmas "Mac" Benham, 27, is charged with public intoxication and simple assault. Benham allegedly kicked a man in the groin and hit him in the head with his fist before three to five passengers subdued him, according to a Dallas police report. He continued to struggle with officers while being arrested, an airport police officer said in his report...
Liberty Lions check students' vision, hearing (10/29/14)
Many of us remember that big white van that would visit elementary school at least once a year to check our eyes and ears. The tradition continues. This week, students at Liberty School had their sight and hearing screened, courtesy of the Liberty Lions Club...
Preparing for the unthinkable (10/28/14)
MANCHESTER -- It's called a Code 207 -- named after the hospital room where patients with a contagious disease, such as the deadly Ebola virus, would receive care. On Monday, members of Coffee County's Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management Agency, along with fire departments in Tullahoma and Manchester, conducted a training exercise at United Regional Medical Center...
The Guy behind Nancy (10/28/14)
Guy Gilchrist is a big fan of the Nashville Symphony, and a friend of Gilchrist's arranged for him to be able to meet the symphony's conductor, Giancarlo Guerrero. Gilchrist was delighted at the chance to meet Guerrero -- but Guerrero was also delighted at the chance to meet Gilchrist...
Voters judge court system (10/28/14)
Article VI, Section 3 of the state constitution begins as follows: "The judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected by the qualified voters of the state." But in 1971, the Tennessee General Assembly adopted a plan for choosing Supreme Court and Appeals Court judges similar to those used by other states...
Thieves take 20 iPads from Walmart case (10/28/14)
Thieves helped themselves to 20 Apple iPads worth more than $8,500 from Walmart early Sunday morning, police were told. Loss prevention personnel said video shows a man and woman grabbing a laundry basket and bag from display shelves, using their own pry bar to force a case near a cash register and taking the iPads, according to officer Letisia Butler...
MTSU students to analyze midterm elections (10/28/14)
Curious about the hottest midterm Congressional races around the country and what effect they could have on our nation? Count on MTSU's newest campaign analysts -- students enrolled in Kent Syler's special midterm elections course -- to give you the answers today...
Spooktacular: Not your usual run (10/26/14)
Some runners in Saturday morning's Spooktacular 5K and Fun Run benefiting United Way came dressed for the occasion. Taylor Overcast and Reagan Canon (the Things), among several who ran in costumes, reach the finish line led by the Cat in the Hat who isn't in the hat...