Are you happy with Tennessee's hiring of Jeremy Pruitt as the Volunteers' head football coach?

Have the recent NFL anthem protests affected your watching of professional football this season?

Can you see yourself as a passenger in a self-driving car?

Should Tennessee fire Butch Jones?

Pumpkin spice yes or no?

Which college football team do you support?

How has the availability of wine in supermarkets in Tennessee affected your consumption of wine?

Can the Nashville Predators return to the Stanley Cup Finals next season?

Do you agree with Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey?

What charitable or not-for-profit group, not including your church or other house of worship, do you most actively support?

After an unusally mild winter so far, do you expect winter weather in March?

Who was our greatest president?

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Top local story of 2016:

Do you agree with several college football players' decision to sit out during their respective bowl games in order to prepare for the NFL draft?

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