Home intruders get only $2

Monday, June 21, 2004

Two men who broke into a Myers Street home early today left with only $2.

Charles Waters told police the men knocked on his door and forced their way in when he answered.

"One man threw (a 14-year-old boy) to the floor and held him down while a larger man attacked Waters, taking him to a bedroom," said Lt. Mike Baker of the Shelbyville Police Department.

"The man held some kind of metal shank to Waters' throat and demanded money. When he could not produce any the man started kicking him," Baker said.

After taking a checkbook and the money the men told Waters and the boy to stay in the bedroom or they would be killed.

Waters suffered two facial cuts and a swollen jaw, according to Baker.

Each intruder was identified as white and wearing a black ski mask and gloves. The larger man was described as approximately 5-feet-10 and weighing approximately 200 pounds; the smaller man stands 5-feet-8 to 5-feet-10 and weighs about 155 pounds.