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National days, weeks and months abound

Monday, October 17, 2005

You've all probably heard the expression "every dog has its day," which is interpreted by many to mean "my day will come."

Whoever came up with this saying probably didn't account for one of the more annoying modern trends; the need to make sure that every person, interest group and event has a special day, week or month set aside for celebration, awareness or promotion.

With so much emphasis placed today on being inclusive and diverse, nearly every bunch that comes down the pike are getting their own special time for celebration set aside, so many that it's hard to keep up with them all.

This results in elected officials having to draw up endless proclamations and being forced to participate in thinly-veiled public relation stunts to focus of what ever is being honored on that day.

In just the month of October alone, there are 143 different designations set aside to observe; in all, 24 "months," 51 "weeks" and 68 "days," and these are just the official ones, not counting what normally appears on your wall calendar.

There are some observations that make good sense and bring awareness to a worthy cause, such as Halloween Safety Month, Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and National Spina Bifida Awareness Month.

However others seem somewhat silly or self-indulgent, like National Toilet Tank Repair Month, Right Brainers Rule! Month, Self-Promotion Month, Billiard Awareness Month, National Construction Toy Month, National Go On A Field Trip Month and Positive Attitude Month.

I am not making any of these up.

And let's not forget the ones set aside for food: Celebrate Sun Dried Tomatoes Month, Eat Better, Eat Together Month, Go Hog Wild--Eat Country Ham Month, National Chili Month, National Cookie Month, National Popcorn Poppin' Month, and Popeye's favorite, Spinach Lovers Month.

But the huge variety of weeks and days set aside this month is enough to make your head spin -- literally. Oct. 2-8 is Spinning & Weaving Week, as well as No Salt Week, National Carry A Tune Week, and Squirrel Appreciation Week.

Worthwhile causes fill Oct. 9-15 like Emergency Nurses Week and Fire Prevention Week, but they share it with National Metric Week, celebrating a system they told us ages ago in school that we were suppose to be converted to by now.

This coming week brings us Getting The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week, National Chemistry Week, National Forest Products Week, World Rain Forest Week, which would seem to go along with National Infection Control Week, given all the nasty bugs you can pick up there.

The final week of the month will see Give Wildlife a Break Week, which might mean laying off the heavy drinking for a while, two related observations -- National Save Your Back Week and National Massage Therapy Awareness -- plus Peace, Friendship and Goodwill Week, The Magic of Differences Week and Disarmament Week.

And, of course, you will find just about every kind of special day is set aside this month. The first was International Frugal Fun Day and well as Scare A Friend Day and World Vegetarian Day, which was followed on the 2nd by World Farm Animals Day.

Oct. 4th was Ten-Four Day and Toot Your Flute Day, the 6th was observed as both Mad Hatter Day and National Depression Screening Day, the 7th was National Diversity Day and World Smile Day. The traditional Columbus Day on the 10th was also shared with National Kick Butt Day.

The 11th was set aside as National Coming Out Day, obviously to coincide with Gay & Lesbian History Month, and the next day was International Moment of Frustration Scream Day, National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day and one of the strangest: International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction. If someone can tell me how to stop or reduce earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and hurricanes, let me know.

Be Bald and Be Free Day was Oct. 14, along with World Egg Day. The 15th has polar opposites: National Grouch Day and Sweetest Day.

I find it odd that National Boss's Day is celebrated on the 17th during the same week as Freedom From Bullies At Work Week, which is followed the week after by Celebrate Job Loss Week. By the way, Cranky Co-workers Day is the 27th.

World Menopause Day is the 18th, followed the next day by Evaluate Your Life Day. Oct. 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day, Reptile Awareness Day and the next day (my birthday) is set aside for Mother-in-law Day, National Mole Day, TV Talk Show Host Day, which was obviously meant to go along with the birthday of the late Johnny Carson.

Rounding out the month is Ugly Pickup Truck Day on the 28th, Bring Your Jack-O-Lantern To Work Day on Oct. 29, Create A Great Funeral Day and Haunted Refrigerator Night taking place on the 30th, with National Knock-Knock Jokes Day sharing the 31st with something called Halloween.

If you think this is ridiculous, just remember there are 11 other months full of similar observations.

After celebrating some of these, you'll be glad it's also Emotional Wellness Month and that Oct. 2-8 was Mental Illness Awareness Week, because trying to keep track of all of these on your day planner could drive you mad.

Mama said there'd be days like this.

Brian Mosely is a Times-Gazette reporter who covers various city and county issues.