Bypass included in state work plan

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bedford County has one road project included in a three-year Multi-modal Work Program for the state of Tennessee involving the Shelbyville Bypass.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation [TDOT], the project is funded in Fiscal Year 2007 for right-of-way for the construction of a railroad trestle overpass over the proposed State Route 437 [Shelbyville Bypass].

The project section is part of a proposed two-lane partial controlled access facility beginning at State Route 64 southwest of Shelbyville to State Route 16 to help separate cross-town from local traffic and reduce congestion in the central business district of Shelbyville.

"I'm pleased I was able to help bring this important project to Bedford County," said Representative Curt Cobb.

"This Work Program includes many benefits for the entire state. The Shelbyville Bypass is an important one," added state Senator Jim Tracy.

The statewide proposal includes 169 transportation projects and programs, including 112 individual highway projects, 27 transit, water, rail and aviation initiatives, and 31 transportation programs serving Tennesseans across the state.

The Long Range Transportation Plan includes a provision for the yearly issuance of a three-year multi-modal plan for projects and programs that will enable the state to achieve Tennessee's transportation vision as outlined in the plan. TDOT will have an estimated budget of $1.7 billion for the next fiscal year.

"Through the Department of Transportation's long range planning process, we have worked strategically to develop a needs-based project list. The process involved many citizens, local officials, transportation planners, stakeholders, and legislators across the state. It requires new projects to meet specific criteria in order to be funded, and continues to fulfill the state's commitment to complete projects already in the development phase," said Governor Bredesen. "The projects address the needs of the transportation system, improve safety on our highways and will continue to spur economic growth across the state."

"This new project listing includes funding for various phases of project development including location and environmental studies, preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition, construction, and includes many operational components," said TDOT Commissioner Gerald Nicely. "We have a very solid three-year project forecast here that represents a fair distribution of the department's overall budget across the state."

Commissioner Nicely explained that the 2007-2009 Multi-modal Work Program lists projects funded for the various stages of development in the first year of the plan. It also proposes funding for a portion of the second and third year plans leaving flexibility for additional projects in those years.