Hit, run driver feared deportation

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A man who admitted to police he left an accident scene for fear of being deported was charged Sunday.

Oscar Hernandez, 21, Madison Street, is being held on $12,500 bond at Bedford County Jail on charges of leaving the scene of an accident and violation of the habitual motor vehicle offender act.

Hernandez told Officer Justin Smith he was scared after crashing because he had seen on television newscasts where illegal aliens are being deported.

The wreck occurred Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Landers Street and Cliffside Drive.

A witness told police she saw the car strike a utility pole and fire hydrant before fleeing.

Hernandez had allegedly borrowed the car from another person who, in turn, had borrowed it from its owner, Alejandro Hernandez of Moody Street.

T-G records show Oscar Hernandez has been arrested four additional times within the past eight months. He was charged with violation of probation in April 2006 and December 2005, public intoxication in March 2006 and driving on a revoked/suspended license in November 2005.

Long wait for help

The lone occupant of a car which overturned off Amos Smith Drive may have lain on the ground nearby for several hours before being discovered Sunday morning.

Jacob Louis Metler, 19, Sherwood Drive, was found about 6:40 a.m. in a heavily-wooded area across a creek from his overturned car, which Officer Justin Smith said had knocked down a tree it landed atop.

Metler was discovered a few moments after police were notified by telephone of the overturned car. He was taken by Bedford County Emergency Medical Service to Bedford County Medical Center, where a LifeFlight helicopter flew him to Baptist Hospital in Nashville, police said.

Police said Metler was initially unresponsive but began talking while receiving treatment and said the wreck had occurred before sunrise.

Acquaintances told Smith that Metler had left a party on nearby Sherwood Drive about 2 a.m. Two persons who live near the accident site told police they heard a crash about that time, checked and saw skid marks leading off the road but no car.

Metler was charged with first offense DUI and driving on a suspended license.

Wrong place

Allegedly intoxicated persons showed up in unusual locations over the weekend, according to Shelbyville police.

Thomas A. Fuston, 46, Sims Road, fell into the salad bar after staggering into Faye's Cafeteria, North Main Street, and attempting to fondle a waitress late Sunday afternoon, police said.

Roy Estrada, 21, Martha Street, was asleep in his car at the Pacific Pride fuel pumps, Depot Street -- where law enforcement officers obtain gasoline for their patrol cars -- when Officer Jerry Lawrence arrested him shortly after 5 a.m. Sunday.

Fuston and Estrada were each charged with public intoxication, Shelbyville police reports indicate.

Quick grab

A push-type lawn mower was stolen from the trunk of a car owned by Eddie Duke of Manchester while he was briefly inside Serve & Go Market, Madison Street, shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday, police said.

Jail intake

The following persons were arrested since Wednesday by the Bedford County Sheriff's Department, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force and processed through Bedford County Jail. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

*Robert Eugene Carr Jr., 22, Barksdale Lane; statutory rape, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, driving on revoked/suspended license; held, $13,000 bond

*Dustin Danyale Darnell, 20, Shelbyview Drive; failure to appear, theft of property; held, $5,250 bond

*Mark Owen Adams, 47, Tullahoma; violation check law (five counts); released, $1,750 bond

*Jerry William Jones, 28, Hill Street; aggravated sexual battery; held, $200,000 bond

*Scott Joel Bevels, 38, Landers Street; assault; released, $10,000 bond

*Tiffany Nachole Fink, 23, Old Pencil Mill Road; introducing contraband into penal institution, possession of schedule IV drug; released, $5,500 bond

*Frederick Andre Abernathy, 25, Nashville; possession of schedule II drug; held, $20,000 bond

*Earnest Paul Love, 55, Shoma Park; DUI, driving on revoked/suspended license, simple possession; released, $24,000 bond

*Jose Luis Lopez, 24, Church Street; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Flynn Henry Berry, 50, Church Street; violation of probation, public intoxication; released, $3,000 bond

*Roy Randy Farrar, 35, East Cedar Street; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Robert Allen Bowen, 26, Possum Trot Road; DUI, simple possession; released, $3,500 bond

*Baltazar Gaspar, 31, Peacock Lane; no driver's license/exhibited on demand; released, $750 bond

*Jason Alex Parker, 27, Wartrace Pike; aggravated assault; released, $7,500 bond

*John Andrew Fuller, 41, South Brittain Street; violation of probation; released, $2,500 bond

*Stephen Matthew Fearn, 36, Earnhart Street; possession of schedule II drug, possession of schedule VI drug; released, $21,500 bond

*Alecia Ann Spriggs, 25, Highway 130 East; driving on revoked/suspended license, child abuse/neglect/endangerment; released, $10,500 bond

*Aaron John Taylor, 60, West End Circle; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Regina Dianne Arnold, 38, Chestnut Drive; leaving scene of accident; held, $2,000 bond

*James Dell Lewter, 50, Ardmore, Ala.; criminal impersonation, public intoxication; released, $3,000 bond

*Beverly Maria Britton, 44, Hazel Green, Ala.; DUI, driving on revoked/suspended license; released, $6,500 bond

*Leonard Keith Sanders Jr., 35, Comstock Road; DUI, domestic assault; held, $10,000 bond

*Donald Keith Bassham, 45, Madison Street; DUI, driving on revoked/suspended license; held, $10,500 bond

*Jan Schneider, 27, Circle O Trailer Park; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Marsha Raye Sosa, 33, North Hillcrest Drive; violation of probation; released, $2,500 bond

*Alexandru Marin Bucharest, 21, Circle O Trailer Park; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Roy Estrada, 19, Martha Street; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Damon Juvea Edwards, 19, Fairground Heights; assault; released, $250 bond

*Demario Jaquece Edwards, 18, Fairground Heights; assault; released, $250 bond

*Lynnette Eudell Noteboom, 38, Landers Street; violation of probation; released, $2,500 bond

*Oscar Hernandez Hernandez, 21, Madison Street; leaving scene of accident, habitual motor vehicle offender; held, $12,500 bond

*Winfrey Ann Ray, 48, Paris, Tenn.; DUI; released, $2,500 bond

*Thomas Anthony Fuston, 46, Sims Road; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

*Rogelio Real Ponce, 36, Davis Street; DUI, driving on revoked/suspended license, evading arrest; held, $4,750 bond