Reagor a candidate for Bell Buckle mayor

Monday, July 24, 2006
Frank Reagor

Frank Reagor has announced his candidacy for mayor of Bell Buckle in the Aug. 3 town election.

Reagor has served for six years as an alderman and 1 1/2 years on the town's planning commission. He has been a resident of Bell Buckle since 1988 and has family connections in the area going back more than 100 years. He is retired. He and his wife have two children, three grandchildren and four-grandchildren. He is a member of Bell Buckle Church of Christ.

"I am excited about the possibility, as mayor, of working with the board and the town's dedicated employees solving the challenges facing Bell Buckle. A major challenge is solving the excessive rainwater in our sewer system, which has caused the state to mandate a fix before any new sewer connections can be made. Another is keeping Bell Buckle a small town with limited growth. Yet another is to reduce the danger from speeding cars and trucks.

"Bell Buckle has a strong retail base, and promoting the annual events is important to our economy. Ongoing cooperation between the elected officials and the Chamber of Commerce will further improve the retail environment.

"Our fine volunteer fire department is important to our community. Bell Buckle is pleased with the new fire department building, which will allow for a better training area.

"I feel I am well-qualified to be mayor .... I have spent many hours investigating solutions to a wide variety of topics coming before the board of aldermen."