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Friday, May 6, 2016

Looking like a foreign country

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It was ironic, driving out South Cannon Boulevard on a recent weekend and seeing:

* A large crowd of Hispanics at a function within and outside the National Guard Armory.

The Armory frequently hosts Hispanic-oriented events. It's likely that many of those Hispanics are in the country illegally.

Imagine, crowds of illegal aliens -- right there in the home of Bedford County's military power.

That would be a perfect time for the government to sweep in, especially in their own building, and do some ID checking.

*A few blocks up the road, lined up in front of what used to be Suburban Motel were a large number of the Sanford Corp. foreign summer work crew.

There they were, Europeans with bicycles and grills, cooking out as the sun set.

It's quite a long way from the structure now known as Legacy Apartments to Sanford's plant off West Jackson Street. Hopefully, these travelers are getting something more than work and boredom from their American summer.

On the other hand, a student worker from Budapest, Hungary, was arrested following a drunken fight in a trailer park across the city. He's probably set a Shelbyville record for the arrestee from the longest distance away.

*I'm hearing reports that some of the Somalians who work for Tyson, or came to America with Tyson employees, are having a little trouble adjusting.

Some complain and become angry when store clerks refuse to barter or haggle over prices as in Africa.

And some of the men make it clear that they feel women are subservient. Speak out, American women, you have the right.

This is America. Will it still be in 50 years between the influx of foreigners who won't adjust to our culture and some ultra-Republicans who seem bent on turning America into a presidential dictatorship?

Other thoughts:

*Injured race horse Barbaro is being bombarded with apples, carrots, mints, and -- roses.

With all due respect to the caring fans, the food's fine but it's unlikely Barbaro has any appreciation for roses, if he even knows what they are.

Do horses in the Celebration show ring or on race tracks really have any idea what's going on other than someone on their backs is making them pick up their feet high or run fast. Do they really comprehend that screaming fans are cheering them on? Or, deep down inside, are those horses a little scared of all the racket?

*Country music drama queen Mindy McCready's lawyer successfully argued she wasn't drunk when she couldn't walk straight along the roadside after being stopped for speeding last year.

"My pants legs were too long and the rocks were hurtin' my feet," McCready told the court.

Hmmm. Sounds like a country song title. Maybe there's another hit in her yet, especially after her future's looking brighter after being acquitted.

*Remember Dan Quayle?

The former vice president walked out of a John Mellencamp show at a Nevada casino after the rock star referred to "all the poor people who've been ignored by the current administration," the Associated Press reported.

"...There are many people left behind by this administration," Mellencamp told the Los Angeles Times. "Not talking about problems doesn't make them go away. It's kind of telling that he chose to walk out as I was doing a song about tolerance."

Mellencamp and the Dixie Chicks need to tour together. And Qualye needs to cool down a little.

*One Iowa community is allowing golf carts to be driven on side streets if they're licensed and lighted properly at night.

Maybe Shelbyville should look at that with gas prices rising so high. And, at least during the Celebration, it could be a nice little income source.

David Melson is a Times-Gazette copy editor/staff writer. Your responses welcome: dmelson@t-g.com .

David Melson
On the Loose