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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Group's beliefs are inconsistent

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Among those in favor of brutal interrogation tactics for terrorism suspects is the Traditional Values Coalition.

"The Bible teaches us that we are to love our enemies and do good to those who persecute us," the group's Web site states. "In short, Bible-based traditional values are what created and what have preserved our nation. We will lose our freedoms if we reject these values."

Seems like a little contradiction between public statements and belief statement, doesn't it?

I wrote this before seeing Molly Ivins' column Friday morning also quoting the TVC's chairman. So others see the hypocrisy. Maybe the group needs to think through their beliefs a little more thoroughly.

It's time for politicians to stop dismissing former POW Sen. John McCain's thoughts about how to handle terrorists. He's been there. Most of Washington hasn't.

Terrorists need tough treatment. But we shouldn't sink to their level.

Meanwhile, a few other random thoughts:

* Which is your favorite war of words: Bob Corker vs. Harold Ford Jr.? Or Jeff Fisher vs. Billy Volek?

* Does anyone else get irritated at the large, wheel alignment-breaking holes in some Shelbyville streets? They're not potholes, but access holes to water or sewer lines after repavings. Some are a little excessive. Also: Watch closely for the unmarked manhole covers at tire-slamming height along Madison Street during its repaving.

* I'd hate to be a new car dealer these days. Gas prices go up, customers lose interest in gas-hogging large SUVs, inventory must be replaced with smaller cars. Gas prices go down, customers perk up about big SUVs again, demand falls for the new, smaller cars just added. That's got to be irritating.

My prediction: Something will happen in the Middle East within the next month or two and gas prices will rise again. Meanwhile, we're owed an explanation here about why gas prices are lower in surrounding cities.

* In some parts of Bedford County it seems like every hilltop's sprouting large new houses. The landscape's definitely changing.

* Speaking of new car dealers, I'm tired of seeing them reference their addresses in Shelbyville media in relation to Murfreesboro and Nashville.

It's galling to hear one dealer's radio ad refer to their location as "U.S. 231 South." To us in Shelbyville 231 South means the opposite side of town from the dealerships. Those dealers are on 231 NORTH to us.

* What instrument takes the most nimble fingers to play? Guitar or banjo?

* I'm very much in favor of progress, but do we really need a space station or for man to return to the moon? Seems like the billions of dollars spent on NASA could be redirected toward projects that actually help people.

* The TV weathercasters are back into their mode of proclaiming every shower "severe" to scare us into watching.

* Do officials at Middle Tennessee State University realize they're destroying the morale and fan base of the Blue Raider football team by pairing them off against national powerhouses in non-conference "money" games?

Losing 59-0 doesn't help anything but the athletic department budget.

Maybe it's time for MTSU's officials to go a little easier on non-conference scheduling.

David Melson is a Times-Gazette copy editor/staff writer. Responses welcome: dmelson@t-g.com .

David Melson
On the Loose