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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Times change too fast to keep up

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Hopefully, I can finish writing this column today before it is OTBE.

That's slang for the phrase "Over Taken By Events"

On Wednesday, I had cranked out a piece for Sunday on two topics: Reaction to the Amish school murders and the nasty Mark Foley flap that has gripped the halls of power.

The first part expressed outrage because members of the Westboro Baptist Church had announced they planned to protest at the funerals of the Amish girls killed Monday in Lancaster County, PA.

In case you don't remember them, they're the bunch out of Kansas that pickets the funerals of dead servicemen so they can rant and rave about homosexuals. I've written about these "people" before, calling these useless pieces of subhuman filth exactly what they are: An anal-retentive cult of spiteful and insane homophobes with serious anger control problems that gives the Lord a bad name.

I had a whole lot of other things to say about them, calling them a bunch of attention whores who try to find the most horrible event imaginable and then inject themselves into the mix, among other things.

So guess what happens as soon as I finish my rant? They call off the protest because talk show host Mike Gallagher offered an hour of free airtime on Thursday morning to the group in exchange for dropping the planned demonstration, which proved my point that all this bunch wants is the free publicity.

So there went half of my column. I guess I can leave this part in: The best thing that the mass media can do is to ignore these vermin and they will likely go away. But we all know this isn't going to happen. They generate headlines and raise the blood pressure of anyone who reads about them or sees them on TV. Unfortunately, that equals ratings and readership so we'll probably be dealing with these monsters on the tube and in print for some time to come.

Or perhaps someone could start a rumor that the Westboro Baptist Church have been using disparaging words towards Muslims.

That would shut them up.

So I then moved on to the second part of my screed about other sick and twisted events, namely that latest scandal out of Washington involving the nasty personal habits of now former GOP congressman Mark Foley, who apparently has a bad habit of sending lurid messages over the Internet to underage male congressional pages.

The only problem with my column was that it has now been revealed that the pages may not have been underage after all when the messages were sent.

In fact, there are a lot of confusing aspects to this case that get stranger and stranger by the hour. With the opposing side making as much political hay out of this as they can, trotting out the familiar "what did they know and when did they know it" question, it's possible that this is a reply that some critics of Foley may end up answering themselves.

It appears that blogs run by radical gay activists have had the dirt on Foley for months and even years. One was dated from March of 2005 on BlogActive.com, which states "that Foley lives practically an out life at his Florida residence, often seen entertaining gay men, some of whom the source described as 'close to underage.'"

"I've thought hard about what kind of TAKE ACTION would work, but there is really is none right now. Everyone already knows Foley's a self-hating closet case," a post on the site said. "When we get closer to the mid-term elections, I am sure more will surface."

Which has now occurred. The same group did their own investigation, flew in people to be interviewed and shared this information with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Also, a radical gay activist from AmericaBlog claims to have had copies of the e-mails for months.

There are also questions about the involvement of CREW, [Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington] which is funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros. Apparently, this group provided the FBI with suspicious e-mails between Foley and a former House page in July. The question is, when and where did they get them?

Now that the FBI is involved in the investigation, we may find some of these activists that have been involved in this mess could be charged with withholding evidence, aiding and abetting, and obstruction of justice.

You see, what's disturbing about this "scandal" is the fact that information surrounding the sexually explicit Instant Messages may have already been in the hands of people who eventually took action on them, seemingly refusing to do so until deep into the election cycle.

So if kids were really in danger in this case, why didn't they come forward before now? Do they care more about inflicting political damage than they do about protecting the children from an alleged predator?

What I also find interesting is the outright hypocrisy on the opposing political side during this whole sordid tale. As far as we know, Foley did not have any sexual contact with any of these young pages, but you can't say the same about others.

Anyone remember Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds of Massachusetts? He didn't send naughty messages to a underage male page, he was found to have had sexual relations with one. In 1983, he was censured by the House in an overwhelming vote, but following that, he was repeatedly reelected until retirement.

Another Democrat Congressman from Massachusetts is Barney Frank, who in 1989 was found to have kept a male prostitute in his D.C. apartment and to have done legislative favors for him. Frank was also strongly censured but has also been repeatedly reelected and is still is serving in the House.

What about Illinois Rep. Mel Reynolds, yet another Democrat, who had sex with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer and pressured her to lie about it? Reynolds was later convicted of campaign spending violations, but he had his prison sentence commuted in 2001, thanks to the last minute efforts of Bill Clinton.

And don't even get me started on Clinton...

After all the past scandals involving pages and interns in D.C., I believe that a parent would have to be completely insane to allow their son or daughter to go off by themselves into this sordid den.

This isn't a gay/straight issue when it comes to Foley, if he was making contact with underage pages, that has all sorts of legal ramifications that he will have to confront. What is disturbing is that many appear to have known all about this mess and chose to remain silent until it served the purpose of whatever agenda they were involved with.

If some did know that young people were in danger and decided to keep quiet in order to inflict the maximum amount of political damage when election time came, or to remain silent to stop the scandal from becoming public, heads should be rolling on both sides of the political aisle.