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Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016

Media isn't America's problem

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Here we go again, folks, it's Bash the Media time.

Bill O'Reilly's column last Sunday particularly irritated me.

O'Reilly speaks the Republican party line: Anytime anything goes against their wishes, blame the media for reporting the truth.

Too many leaders and politicians want their opinions reported as if they're unarguable facts.

It scares me to think about what our country would be like if the media had reported propaganda instead of facts over the years. We'd end up in a dictatorship in which one group drives its own agenda, no matter how wrong or damaging, with absolutely no dissension or disagreement

Sort of like the world President W. apparently wants.

I'm expecting W.'s upcoming Iraq speech to emphasize something like "staying the course."

But a different approach may be better for both the United State and Iraq, which needs to become more self-sufficient if it is to survive.

And keep in mind that it's the media's job to report facts, not mind-shaping government-supplied propaganda.

Other random thoughts:

*Only the naive could expect the countries surrounding Iraq to support democracy, as suggested in the Iraq Study Group's report.

Why does the United States expect semi-enemies to instantly rally around freedom when those countries aren't free themselves?

*I've seen in other newspapers, mainly from the Northeast, stories about former school buildings renovated into condominiums or apartment houses.

That brings to mind the old Central High/Harris Middle building. Could it be remodeled into something other than offices, as has been proposed? Would people be interested in living there?

Sometimes "thinking outside the box" can bring interesting, and profitable, results.

*Interesting occurrence Tuesday morning: The Google search engine was highlighting the works of artist Edvard Munch (that's Edvard with a 'v'), complete with a highly Munch-ized Google logo.

When you clicked on the logo three Munch portraits appeared on screen. Two were of women with exposed breasts.

I imagine quite a few shocked looks appeared on faces at two particular places, offices and schools. Hopefully, no one got into trouble and bosses or teachers realized that this time, their employees/students may truly have been innocent.

*Two thoughts gleaned from typing some of the children's Santa Claus letters submitted to the T-G: Bedford County's teachers are really doing a good job of teaching Hispanic children English. Many of their letters are as well-written as those of American children.

And many of young children use better grammar -- even second graders -- than a surprising number of adults do in letters to the editor. Looks like our future's going to be in intelligent hands.

Many of these students wanted computers for Christmas. Does computer literacy translate into traditional literacy?

Meanwhile, on Friday morning Shelbyville police, at a mother's request, sent an officer to convince her 7-year-old son that he had to go to school. Apparently one first or second grader still hasn't gotten the message.

*The "immunity idol" on "Survivor." TV favorite "American Idol."

Think about the Bible's teachings against so-called "idols" and note the increasing usage of "idol" in everyday language. Something to think about...

David Melson is a Times-Gazette copy editor/staff writer. Responses welcome: dmelson@t-g.com.

David Melson
On the Loose