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Roadsides too often resemble dumps

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It seems like...

*Bedford County's favorite drink must be Bud Light, because those containers are the most prominent along roadside trash.

*Too many people locally think of the roads as trash dumps. See above.

*Every other vehicle on the streets carries the number '8' in the back window in honor of NASCAR fan favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Earnhardt will be losing that number next season as he changes racing teams. Watch those numbers change

If you're not a NASCAR fan, don't worry about Earnhardt. He's going on to what will likely be bigger and better things.

Quick thought: Why do few vehicles carry numbers of athletes in other sports, other than the driver's own children on local school or all-star teams? You never see Tennessee Titans' or Vols' numbers on cars -- just team stickers.

*Cars which don't carry those numbers have tributes to the deceased on their rear windows. Some still have tributes to the deceased Dale Earnhardt (the senior one, who wasn't known as Sr.)

It's good to see people remembering their loved ones. The trend started with teens but seems to be carrying over to slightly older people. You still don't see cars owned by the elderly carrying mobile tributes. I wonder if that will change.

*More and more people are getting tattoos.

Wonder what those tattoos will look like when their bearers grow old with wrinkled skin?

*The heat is unrelenting.

Over the past weeks of over-100 degree weather we've heard comparasions to the summer of 1954, when National Weather Service records show 21 days with temperatures at or above the century mark in Shelbyville. Those records show it remained unusually hot for some time, with 90s into early October.

But things cooled down quickly. Shelbyville received four inches of snow on Nov. 1, 1954, one of its earliest-ever snowfalls.

Am I hearing, "But we now have global warming?"

Relax. We'll see cold and snow again. That's just nature in action.

But I did buy a four-wheel-drive SUV in 2001, drove it five years and never needed to go out of two-wheel-drive. During the one 5-inch snow we had in that time span I actually drove into a snowbank to see what would happen. The SUV drove through it just fine in two-wheel drive.

So I now have a two-wheel-drive SUV. Accordingly, if things follow the Dave rule (Example: My newsroom phone only rings when I'm away from my desk) we'll have deep show this winter.

*City officials have forgotten about Brown Lane. It's way too narrow for the amount of traffic generated by subdivisions built within the past few years.

At the least, it needs repaving.

*Minds are turning to Celebration donuts.

So they're fattening. Just relax and watch your intake. They only come for a few days each year, and you'd miss them if you didn't down a few.

Maybe someone will come up with an additional unique Celebration delicacy. I'd offer to, but microwave cooking and "good" food often don't go together.

*Fast-food outlets pay only lip service to nutrition.

Of course customers expect good food. But loading the typical fast-food products with the day's entire recommended fat and calorie intake in one meal is going too far.

They're supposed to serve us, not kill us.

*I'm seeing more flies and bugs inside buildings than for many years.

Maybe they're just trying to escape the heat.

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David Melson
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