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Trucks, metal gang up on us

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just a few random observations:

•During the warm months I frequently saw trucks full of people, often small children, riding in the beds.

If a speeding drunk rams one of those trucks tragedy will likely result.

If you're 12 or over on any road; 6-11 on non-federal highways (meaning city or county roads); or involved in agricultural activities (which could be loosely interpreted in this rural area), you can legally ride in the back of a truck.

I've been on both ends of rear-end collisions, although not in a truck. They can get ugly.

The vast majority of those riding in the back of trucks, or allowing the passengers to do so, don't deserve criticism. But they should be considering the possible consequences.

•As alluded to by some comments on one of the T-G blogs, it seems as if every other driver's talking on their cell phone.

Communication's good. And having constant contact with others everywhere you go is great.

But then comes that not-so-little matter of concentration...

I've almost been hit several times by drivers distracted by cell phone conversations. So have you, probably.

Maybe it's time for Tennessee to ban cell phone use while driving, as if that could actually be enforced.

•I've already heard some Nashville radio personalities referring to rain almost negatively. Obviously Metro's not hurting for water like we are to the south.

The rains we've had over the past week or so have done little in comparison to the vast amount we still need.

Ironically, a grass fire occurred on Union Ridge Road early last week during one of the downpours.

•I ran across a 1958 newspaper story last week in which teenagers surveyed thought rock music would last until at least 1963.

I'd imagine some of those teens are still rockin' today.

A small minority thought rock music would be a menace to society and were concerned, even then, with lyrics. One girl said she listened to lyrics before buying because she didn't want obscenity in her home.

Ah, the innocence of the 1950s.

She's in her mid-60s today if still alive. Wonder what she thought about the teen in Cleveland who went on a shooting rampage in his high school a few weeks ago?

The boy, who was into Goth and dressed in all-black, had told friends he was a Marilyn Manson follower and didn't believe in God.

Maybe that "small minority" mentioned were more insightful than anyone realized.

I don't think rock overall hurts at all, but one sub-genre is a very real threat.

Gothic/death/doom metal has been cited as an interest of too many of those involved in school shootings.

These groups have lead "singers" who yell, not sing, in guttural bellows and, if they can even be understood, are muttering anti-Christian thoughts. Check out some of their lyrics online and be ready for a shock.

Rock's always been about rebellion. But this goes too far.

I'm normally not into censorship, and I realize freedom of anyone to post anything on the Internet would prevent any real stoppage of death metal. But record companies, at least, should reconsider what they're releasing.

•On a non-harmful basis, even country music's into the rebellion game. Has anyone noticed the surprisingly high number of country songs about young working-class men attracting upscale, educated women? Are we seeing a touch of working-class resentment? Or just poor guys' daydreams?

David Melson
On the Loose