Body found near Wartrace

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Investigators say they're perplexed about the identity of a largely-decomposed body discovered in a wooded area near Wartrace late Wednesday afternoon.

The remains of what is believed to be a woman were found near a dirt trail far from the roadway close to a creek off Cannon Road. It appears to have been there for at least several days, Boyce said.

"I don't know how long it had been there, maybe a week or so," Sheriff Randall Boyce said. "We're reasonably sure it's a female. We couldn't tell anything else."

The case is being treated as a homicide for now, according to Boyce.

"A fisherman found the body," Boyce said. "He smelled something and went in the direction of the smell."

No identification was found on or near the woman, according to Boyce.

The sheriff said the body was too decomposed to determine if foul play had occurred, including such indications as gunshot or knife wounds.

Several rains over the past week further eliminated possible clues, Boyce said. No footprints or tire tracks, for example, were visible to investigators.

A representative from the state medical examiner's office inspected the body at the scene and told Boyce he was unable to immediately determine anything beyond what local investigators had observed.

"We hope to hear more from the medical examiner in a week or two," Boyce said.