Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, April 16

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leave building owners alone

To the Editor:

I just read today about the issues with some of the Hispanic businesses in town and the appearance of their buildings. I agree we are not Mexico, and those buildings can be kind of ugly. Oddly enough, though, I have seen some ugly businesses owned by Americans, too. I cannot say I've heard anyone complaining about them. Let's take one of our convenience store chains, which shall remain unnamed, that was redone a few years back. It looked as though a catsup and mustard factory had exploded on the premises. Ugly. I don't recall anyone pitching a fit. I cannot say I've paid that much attention to these things, but I'd bet if those concerned brought their concerns directly to the owners' attention, that in itself might make a difference. Then again, if it is John (or Juan) Doe's business, should it not be his choice how it is decorated-so long as it is not totally distasteful and offensive? Will we eventually be told what colors we can paint our homes or what kinds of cars we can drive because someone complained? It's funny how many rights and freedoms here in the "Land of the Free..." can be and are subject to someone else's complaining. I won't go there today, though. Anyway, is it necessary to create a new ordinance? Okay, but if you do, make sure everyone is required to go by it. That means everyone!

Tammy J. Cantrell


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