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Letters to the Editor, April 19

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Party turnout was good representation of serious concern

To the editor:

I was a participant in Wednesday's Tea Party demonstration to bring attention to what many Americans believe is unwarranted and very excessive spending and a conscientious desire to destroy capitalism.

I am a Capitalist and am proud of it, as I believe, and history has shown, that capitalistic freedom has produced more good and progress than any other economic system; the merits of which speak for themselves.

This, however, is not why I am writing this letter. I was born in the '60s when protesting and demonstrating were a part of life for many of the hippie generation. We still see them today, stringy hair, if they have any, a peace emblem, and looking like something out of a comic book; standing up for any and all left wing causes that someone is screaming about.

I am not, nor ever have been, a public demonstrator. When I arrived at noon Wednesday, I didn't know what to expect, and was surprised at what I saw. There were not, like Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Pelosi have said, a bunch of rich people complaining about paying their fair share of the taxes.

I found everyday people that were very concerned about the direction this government is taking our country.

There were no loud rantings or wild eyed babbling, but what was there made more of a statement than any screaming lunatics ever could.

If I were a politician in general, and Bart Gordon in particular, I would be taking a long look at where I aligned my efforts.

This was a totally non-partisan group, but it was a very good representation of the serious concern the citizens are feeling. It had nothing to do with how much tax each of us paid, that wasn't even mentioned, it had everything to do with a Socialist Congress running wild, and the every day people don't like it ...

Edward C. Huffman Jr.,


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