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Letters to the Editor, May 24

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't drink and drive, says offender's mother

To the editor:

My son wanted to send a message, but he is in jail. Therefore, I am sending it for him.

With graduation here, the message is DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Two years ago, two beautiful young people's lives were destroyed by alcohol. The teenage young woman tragically lost her life. The teenage young man turned 21 behind bars, and he lives with the pain daily of her death. Her death will be forever on his conscience, whether he is in jail or out.

My son wants you to know that your actions and your choices do have consequences. Sometimes the consequences are instant.

I am certain, in my heart, that if both of these wonderful young people had known the outcome of that fateful night, neither would have made the choices that were made.

Unfortunately, though, they did make the choice to drink and drive.

The young woman I personally did not know. But from everything I have learned, she was beautiful inside and out.

The young man I have known his entire life. He is good hearted, hard working, and used to have a smile on his face. He doesn't smile as much any more. He has seen things no young man should ever have to see.

These choices and consequences have affected many. It affected their families, their friends, even strangers.

The message is simple. Celebrate your life each day. Enjoy your graduation. But as old as it sounds, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. And if you do drink, make the wise choice of staying where you are, or call someone, your mom, your dad, to come to get you. They might get mad; you might get lectured and grounded; but you will be there to see the sun rise the next day.

My son is Michael Blondin. His friend was Molly Risner.

Jody Holt


Singing restaurant's praises

To the editor:

While running errands last week we decided to stop in at a small restaurant for a quick bite. We had passes it, probably a hundred times without noticing. It is called Fish, Wings and Things. They don't seem to get a lot of business because the outside of the restaurant is not decorated as most restaurants are. We tend to look at the appearance of things too closely.

Inside we met very nice and welcoming people who are eager to please you with their service. And if you like catfish and wings .... Oh! My goodness!

Since then, every time we go through town we find ourselves stopping in, because you don't always find smiling faces, good service, and delicious food in the same place.

Thanks, Ruby!

Shelbyville has been blessed.

Sally Hall

Donna Hamilton

Bedford County

Obama's speech doesn't match his actions

To the editor:

How about that speech by President Obama?

He gave an eloquent speech at Notre Dame on Sunday, May 17 that gave a lot of rhetoric regarding abortion. He said that he was open to debate on the issue.

Is that really true or is it just politics as usual?

First of all, the debate has been raging for 36 years. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood have used tax dollars to further the cause of abortion on demand in all 50 states and used our tax money to coerce other countries to kill babies too, all the while telling us that they want safe abortions for women worldwide. The problem with that argument is that abortion is mostly unregulated in most of those states; is done in filthy conditions that place women's health at risk, and in some instances kill the woman along with the baby.

Abortion is big business, so where the money is you can bet the politicians are also. That explains why the abortion business has been so hard to regulate.

The state of Kansas is a prime example of that, where it is against the law to do "partial birth abortion" (that sucks the babies brain out of the late term babies as he/she is being pulled from the mother's womb), and the governor of that state (who is now our Secretary of HHS and in charge of our health care) openly assisted the furtherance of this practice by helping to fund the clinic that provide this "service" that kills approximately 1,500 babies per year.

Our nation is killing 4,500 babies per day.

Talk is cheap.

Second: Mr. Obama is disingenuous in saying that he is open to debate since his administration has just named Pro-life people terrorists.

Water boarding is called torture, but saline abortions and DNC's that either burn the baby to death or pull it apart is pushed on our women without any kind of counseling options.

Our fight for the unborn is getting stopped in its tracks by this man who says he is open to debate this volatile issue. His first task as president was to overturn the Mexico City policy, and now his administration wants to require the tax payer to pay for abortions in Washington, DC. It would be a real good time for this president to start telling the truth about the policies he is pushing in many areas.

Donna Eyman


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