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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brown enters House race as independent

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chris Brown
(Submitted photo)
Chris Brown has announced his candidacy for the 62nd District State House of Representatives in the Oct. 13 general election.

Brown will be listed on the ballot as an independent but identifies himself as a member of the Constitution Party.

"We have to run as an Independent because in Tennessee, ballot access for all political candidates who do not fall into the category of 'Republican' or 'Democrat' is difficult," stated Brown in a news release. "Third Party candidates almost never get named on the ballot as a nominee of their particular party. Generally, third party candidates are forced to run as 'independent' candidates, preventing thousands of Tennesseans from rallying around their chosen parties' nominees.

"Limiting ballot access to only two parties does a great disservice to Tennesseans. It discourages participation in the political process, limits potions, stifles debate on key issues, and preserves and expands the power of incumbents."

Brown, a native of Bedford County, is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He served both on active duty and as a member of the reserves between 1976 and 1995. He served in Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. His military specialties included combat engineer and the JAG unit.

He is a 1976 graduate of Shelbyville Central High School. He attended BBC and FIT in Cocoa/Melbourne, Fla., and the University of Konstanz in Germany. He received a Paralegal degree at Southern Institute in Birmingham, Ala.

"I am a firm believer in defending the Constitution of the United States against foreign and domestic invasion," stated Brown. "Since the two political parties have basically picked away at the Constitution and are trying to strip us of our rights I feel this constitutes domestic invasion. It is a honor for me to be able to represent the Constitutional Party as a Conservative citizen and run for State Representative of District 62 in Bedford Co. I know a lot of you are from other counties and other states. I am asking you for your help, because we need to take back one town, one county, and one state at time, to get our country back.

"These are my beliefs:

"1. I believe we have the right to worship God and Jesus Christ as our Savior. I believe our pastors have the right to preach from the Bible and if the message they preach happens to step on our toes then that pastor needs to keep on preaching, because he's doing a good job and nobody should be able to take that right away.

"2. I believe as a decent human being, it is my obligation to defend my life, my family's life, personal property and those who are unable to defend themselves against harm at all cost. God created us equal, Colt made us equal.

"3. I believe that we should have proper representation and not all this taxation.

"4. I believe in the state sovereign rights."

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