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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25

Sunday, October 25, 2009

George Faris golf sponsors thanked

To the editor:

The organizing committee for the 2009 George Faris Memorial Golf Tournament would like to thank all the hole sponsors, those who donated gifts, and all participants for making this year's fund-raiser a success. We also appreciate the Community High School cheerleaders for all their help in packing goodie bags, manning the registration table and other needed assistance.

Randy Helton and River Bend Country Club were tremendous in their cooperation in making this event exceed our expectations.

Proceeds will go toward a scholarship for a local student.

Scott Shortridge

Chuck Burdick

Hershel Thrasher

Karen Thrasher

Kay Rose

Need to revise Child Nutrition Act

To the Editor:

A new report just might change what ends up on your child's lunch tray. As a dietitian, I'm thrilled that the Institute of Medicine just issued an extensive report recommending that schools load lunch lines with a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

Right now, most lunch lines are full of processed meats and cheese products--and more than 80 percent of schools serve too much high-fat food to comply with federal guidelines. But this new report could really turn the tables in cafeterias. It recommends cutting down processed meats, and it joins the American Public Health Association and the American Medical Association in calling for vegetarian school meal options.

We need to ask Congress to revise the Child Nutrition Act to help all schools make these healthy changes in their cafeterias. Sign the petition today at www.HealthySchoolLunches.org.

Kathryn Strong, M.S., R.D.

Staff Dietitian

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Washington, DC

Cap and trade must be stopped

To the Editor:

If we want to get this country back on track, we need to put an end to federal legislation that does harm while not achieving any positive goals. That means we need to stop the proposed cap and trade bill being discussed in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Bob Corker understands this, as he is pushing for a carbon tax in order to address carbon emissions into the environment, rather than the doomed cap and trade plan in the bill that barely passed the House. Even the Congressional Budget Office agrees that the House bill would create "significant" job losses while slowing our economic recovery.

If significant job losses aren't bad enough, cap and trade has other problems, as well. It is a complex scheme that creates a program ripe for manipulation. I can just imagine the Wall Street types searching for the next market they can manipulate. This would be a dream for them, but a nightmare for the country.

To top it all off, cap and trade won't do much to help the environment. They've already discovered that in Europe. We must learn from others and look for a better solution to the environmental issues we face. I think Sen. Corker is on the right track with the idea of a carbon tax -- fair and simple to set up.

Ashley Smith

Columbia, Tenn.

Read more books to understand what's happening

To the Editor:

Why is our country in such a tail spin? Unemployment is high, foreclosures will increase, and the dollar will be, I believe, destroyed. The people in DC are intelligent. They know how to make the economy recover. Even I know how to do that. So why?

I've been studying Bible Prophecy and politics for over 35 years. So far this year I've read 21 books. I study and research constantly. Many great books are available, but I sure wish most Americans would read, in my opinion, three great ones. Two by Joan Veon: "The United Nations Global Straightjacket," and "Prince Charles The Sustainable Prince." Then: "The Creature from Jekyll Island," by G. Edward Griffin.

Here's what we find. The Federal Reserve is not Federal. It's a privately owned banking cartel that controls America. They caused the great depression, and they are causing the greater depression. That's a fact! England controls the Federal Reserve. They created it. The Royal Family controls England and it's banks. And at the moment it all goes back to Prince Charles of Wales, "The Sustainable Prince."

Charles has been working behind the scenes organizing the "Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum." He feels government cannot cure all ills of the world alone. So he's been reinventing government by combining Big Corporations with Big Government. Has that not happened here under President Obama. It's called fascism. Charles wants this fascism to be the one world government.

A huge obstacle standing in the way is America. These people are the ones crushing America.. We must give up our sovereignty, and our dollar, but Americans will not do this willingly. We must be forced. So our wealth must be taken from us, and given to poor countries, which may mean we go to third world status, and we surrender, bring on the Amero or the Euro. The Gaia religion teaches that greater wealth distribution is one of the means to attain economic security, or sustainable security.

Obama is their puppet for now. Before him it was both Bush presidents and Clinton. Republicans sorry, but I'm one of you. Three of these were Rhodes Scholars maybe four. You need to know Cecil Rhodes' Confession of Faith, and the content of his seven wills. His will is all being played out in the mind of Prince Charles. Great Britain rules the world.

Prince Charles has gotten into the Gaia religion, which honors Mother Earth above man. Meaning the earth is more important than people, and there are too many people on earth. Oops! Some will have to leave. The prince does not believe God's creation will sustain so many people. Hence: "The Sustainable Prince." Some guy who preaches global warming is hooked up with the Prince. Now I wonder where all of those crazy environmental policies came from? Get the picture?

These people own Washington DC. They own people on both sides of politics. And their goal is to own the world. Partly at our expense. Please read the books.

Butch Williams


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