Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, November 15

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veterans deserve more support

To the Editor:

I attended the veterans day parade today and I just wanted to comment on the fact that everyone should be more supportive of our veterans. Mayor Eugene Ray was the only elected official I saw. There was one sheriff's car, one police car and no TN Highway patrol. No school bands were there. It was very sad. Being a veteran myself I think that Shelbyville should support the veterans a little more.

Russell Humphreys


Hold Veteran's parade another day

To the Editor:

This is in regards to Mr. Gordon Warren and the veteran's parade being on an evening when Christians learn about and worship God.

The veteran who was in his office and remarked that he was in a foxhole on many a Wednesday night may also be interested in this.

I had a relative and also a friend who have not returned home from WW II as of yet. I feel that if you could find them, they would say the parade could be held on some other night. The last seen, one was in the South Pacific Ocean and the other in the Mediterranean Sea. Why not Friday evening?

Richard "Dick" Brantley


School bands should have been in parade

To the Editor:

After reading on the front page of Wednesday's paper that there would be no Band in the Veterans Day Parade I just had to comment.

What is wrong with the world when we can no longer take a few hours out of our busy schedule to show support for the Veterans that have gave up their years of free time to fight for the freedoms that we have. Mr. Ed Gray and Prinicipals, you are so wrong. I pray that God will show you the way.

B. Sanders


Wednesday was best Veteran's Day ever

To the Editor:

I want to say that today, Nov. 11-09, was he best Veterans Day I have ever had.

Applebee's had a free dinner for all veterans all day long. The cost had to be enormous.

I'm not taking about one Applebee's, I'm talking about all the Applebee's throughout the U.S. What a thoughtful gesture.

I went to the Tullahoma Applebee's and I can only say that everyone that works there did a very good job of getting everyone seated, orders taken and food served. I have to give the manager, John, and his staff a big, big thank you!

Then I went to get a haircut and stopped at Yoes in Shelbyville and John (one of the owners) extended the Veterans Day hospitality and gave me a free haircut.

America needs to recognize all veterans of all the wars and today is a day I have waited for, for 40 years.

Thank you so much Applebee's and Yoe's Barber Shop.

William R. Haase


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