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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Give conservative ideas a chance in health debate

To the Editor:

"If you have a better idea, show it to me." This was President Obama's challenge to the GOP concerning healthcare reform. Well, conservatives have better ideas; they just can't get them into the debate. Liberal majorities in Congress have insured their absence from the congressional record. Let me also say that healthcare reform, while important, shouldn't have been put before job creation. But healthcare reform is a signature issue for Democrats; job creation is not, so here we are.

Since conservatives can't get a word in edgewise on Capital Hill, I thought I'd bring up a few ideas here.

1. Let insurance companies sell their product across state lines. Competition will bring costs down in the medical market place.

2. Tax all insurance plans fairly. I'm referring to the sweetheart deal Unions just received. Stop subsidizing employer based insurance at the expense of those who must buy insurance as individuals, and let them deduct the value of their insurance plans from their federal income taxes.

3. Let people choose insurance coverage that's right for them, not what's mandated by their state.

All states dictate to some degree the coverage insurance companies can provide. Eliminate these 50 different sets of regulation and develop uniform choices where consumers can pick insurance coverage from the most basic to the most comprehensive, based on need and ability to pay.

4. Pass tort reform. Preserve the right to sue, but develop reasonable guidelines to ensure the punishment fits the crime. Tort reform will take the "jackpot" out of justice.

Andrew Feris


Parents should appreciate their school bus drivers

To the Editor:

I am so tired of hearing about some parents complaining about bus drivers. The way I see it if you aren't satisfied with your child's bus driver, then take them to school and pick them up. But I would bet that you don't or won't because you know your child is doing whatever the bus driver is turning him or her in for.

If I was on the Board of Education I think every employee and parent should have to ride on the bus for 2 days and see what our bus drivers have to put up with. The children throw paper, hit, spit, cuss and jump up and down.

Parents know this just by stepping on these buses before they are swept up. But you people whom are doing the complaining already know your child does this. So do what parents are supposed to do. Help the bus drivers fix the problem instead of complaining.

I am proud of our bus drivers, not just because they drive the school bus, but because they care enough to look out for our children and getting them home safe.

So thank you to all the bus drivers and keep doing your job no matter what people say or complain about. Just let them blow off steam because one day they will realize what you all have to put up with.

Again, thank you very much.

Phyllis Hoover


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