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Letters to the Editor, May 30

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our nation in peril from pro politicians

To the Editor:

One of our forefathers once said words to the effect, we have given you a constitutional democratic republic and it is up to you to keep it. This government by the people, for the people and of the people, allowed the nation to flourish for many generations of people.

However, this nation is now in peril from within by professional politicians who represent their own interest rather than the interest of the people who elect them. Their own interest is to maintain themselves in office to cater to the "fat cats" who supply the money to keep the professional politician in office where he is able to dispense favors for them.

The professional politician represented himself (or herself) by obligating the people to pay for enormous amounts of money to large manufacturing corporations, banking corporations, an insurance company and various other entities primarily engaged in extracting the people's money from government while advocating further taxation on the people to pay for these type things. Additionally, they have increased restrictions on the people's freedom.

A novel idea for saving the people's money has surfaced which would have military personnel injured in combat to pay for their own medical treatment by buying their own insurance or from their own pocket. These and other actions indicate the representation furnished the people by professional politicians.

Although the elected officials appear to be moving toward an oligarchy (dictatorship by the few), a constitutional democratic republic would not exist when the ultimate goal of an oligarchy came into control of our nation. To prevent the demise of our constitutional democratic republic, we each have the responsibility to go to the polls in August and November 2010 and cast our ballot for candidates to represent the people. We do not need professional politicians or an oligarchy. Eliminate this peril! Eliminate the professional politician.

Boyd Gentry


Thank you, Wartrace!

To the editor:

This thank you letter is in reference of the May 12, 2010 article, "Thankful church salutes Wartrace for ditch repairs," recognized as Mt. Zion Baptist Church. The Mount Zion Baptist Church would like to thank Mr. Ed Simpson, Mr. Thomas Hurt, and Mr. Scott Claxton for their gracious integrity in the drainage problem. A special thank you to Mr. Ed Simpson for personally taking care of the over growth. We thank everyone.

Rev. Eddie Richardson

Mount Zion Baptist Church Wartrace

Missing plaque is part of history

To the editor:

When the old Bedford County Hospital was erected in Union Street, a plaque was placed outside on the left as you entered the building. It listed Judge Mac Farrar and the magistrates who were serving at that time.

When the hospital was closed permanently, the plaque disappeared. It WAS and IS county property, and I am unable to locate anyone who knows of its whereabouts. I am particularly interested in this because my father, Bibb Kerby, was a magistrate at that time and was listed on it. I have talked to some of the county officials as well as others, but it has not been pursued.

My opinion is that it should be placed in the courthouse or a museum as a permanent location where future generations will have access to an important part of the history of Bedford County.

Information about the history of this hospital is available in the Bedford County History Book, page 33.

Please contact Mayor Eugene Ray if you have any information regarding this.

Kathryn Kerby Tolle


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