Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, June 20

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks to all who helped with Census

To the Editor:

The time has come for those of us that have worked so diligently on the U.S. Census 2010 to smile with joy, knowing the effort we put into making our community/county count complete for the next 10 years and to benefit our county with federal government funds.

I wanted to thank the community first for caring and helping us complete their Census Forms and turning theirs in. For those of you who were visited by enumerators with the "knock on the door," thank you for allowing them to get the information and turning it in to be counted.

I wanted to thank the following folks who were so instrumental in helping me make this campaign a success: County Mayor Eugene Ray and Bedford County commissioners; City Mayor Wallace Cartwright and the City of Shelbyville City Council for funding this project;

Sylvia Pinson; Dawn Holley; Jimmy Burton; Tony Cornish; Fred Moore; David Sr., Mellissa, and David Jr.; Jonathan Carrera; Gene Williams; Alicia and Robert Miller; Joann Holland; Marilyn Massengale for her support; Beverly Hewitt; Chief Austin Swing; Connie Boutwell; Joan Gray;

Teachers at Cascade, CHS and Community for allowing us to come into your classrooms and share the Census 2010; Adult Learning Center -- Elaine Weaver; Marilyn Ewing for taping and getting the information out on her program "Marilyn and Company;"

Mayor Larry Nee of Normandy; Mayor Dennis Webb of Bell Buckle; Carolyn Bush and Musgrave Pencils for their donations of pencils for the students in the school;

The Times-Gazette and Hugh Jones for his generous donation; Rusty Reed and Keith Cook with WLIJ-1580 and WZNG-1400 for allowing us air time; Cindy at WRL for her lunches; Mike Winton, Tony Smith -- "Best B-BQ in town;" Lucretia Wright; and Kimberly Warren.

Special thanks go to Mayor Eugene Ray and City Mayor Wallace Cartwright for allowing all of us the privilege to serve you and the citizens of Bedford County.

I know that I may have forgotten someone, but we thank you and I can't begin to tell all of you in our community, thanbk you for participating. "We made history for Census 2010."

Luci Taylor

Coordinator for Census Committee Count 2010

Best wishes to Eaglette seniors

To the Editor:

Alicia Bates, Katlin Buchanan, Jessie Calvert, Janie Graves, Callisha Johnson and Robbie Mahaffey. Time has come to say goodbye and thank you for a job well done. These past four years your teams have given us many enjoyable moments. Included among these were two first-place district regular season titles, three district tournament championships, one regional tournament championship and one regional runner-up championship.

You also gave us a first-place finish in the Mid-South Classic and a first-place finish in the Holiday Inn Thanksgiving Tournament.

These accomplishments you and your teammates can be proud of. I would say, all in all, it has been a pretty good four years.

You always demonstrated sportsmanship whether you were on the short or long end of the score. For this you made us feel very proud. You received the mantle of leadership from Hannah Dawson, Ayanna Petrie, Ceny Phelps and Kayla Whorley, just as they received it from the seniors who preceded them, and you wore it just as nobly.

It is now time to pass it on to the next senior class. We trust they will continue to lead and uphold the Eaglettes' tradition. Young ladies, thanks for the memories, and as you leave high school and go into the next phase of your lives, our best wishes go with you.

Ora D. Walls


Red Cross thanks disaster volunteers

To the Editor:

As we wind down the emergency phase of helping victims of the floods that devastated more than 50 counties across Tennessee, I want to express the appreciation of all those connected with the Red Cross disaster relief operation for the help and support we have received from the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.

The success of any Red Cross disaster relief operations depends upon getting vital preparedness, response and recovery information to the public as well as our partners across the impacted area. Your cooperation, and that of your staff, has been essential in achieving this goal. You have made a great contribution not only to the Red Cross but to the entire Tennessee community.

Although many of the more than 3,000 Red Cross disaster volunteers who were part of this Tennessee operation are returning home, the local Red Cross chapter will continue to help individuals and families who need help as a result of this disaster.

I want you to know how much all of us in Red Cross have appreciated your help. We wish you and your communities continued recovery.

Laurel Goforth

Disaster Public Affairs

Red Cross

Non-profits should get private funding, not public

To the Editor:

I have read with some concern two recent articles concerning requests by local "non-profits" for financial support from our local government.

It seems to me that "non-profits," or charities, should be maintained by private donations rather than by government largesse.

Whenever government monies are involved there are -- and should be -- some strings attached.

I find it distressing to read repeatedly of government grants which appear to be "free money" but which are, in actual fact, the result of our taxes. Many charities do, indeed, provide important services, but I would argue that these charities should be supported by private donations. An exception might be our library which serves a public and educational role. Perhaps it should be funded fully and regularly by local government.

Jackson E. Heffner


Grateful for kind act in hour of need

To the Editor:

Sunday morning a heavenly blessing arrived in Shelbyville on Highway 131.

Mr. Keith Curtis opened his home to my daughter and 9-month-old granddaughter after they blew a tire.

It was over an hour before I was able to get to them and was humbled at Mr. Curtis' spirit of generosity and grace.

We are fortunate that Mr. Curtis cared.

"The Unthankful heart discovers no mercies, but let the thankful heart sweep through the day, and as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find in every hour some heavenly blessings."

-- Henry Ward Beecher

Steven V. McKinney