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McLellan seeks Congressional seat

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bruce McLellan is a candidate for the Sixth District U.S. House of Representatives seat in the Aug. 5 Republican primary.

McClellan is directing voters to his web site, www.BruceMcLellanForCongress.org.

org, for more information about him and his campaign.

"Don't be overwhelmed with everything you find there," he said. "Because I am at a financial disadvantage over my opponents, I wanted to give you a window into who I am and what I believe in. There's a reason for every item up there. Even my links tell a story or paint a picture of who I am. I'm a patriotic son-of-a-gun who stands tall for this country and what it stands for!"

McLellan said he offers ideas on how to solve national problems.

"If you disagree with something," he said, "pause for a moment and try and come up with a better alternative solution and share it with me. At least I'm in there using common sense and pitching up ideas and through it you're learning more about me and if we share the same thoughts. And it's a whole lot more than you'll get from passing yard signs, listening to a ten minute presentation, a 20-second soundbite or a restricted two minute answer from some debate!

"Finally, in a nutshell, let me just say that I believe we are facing a number of existential threats to our Republic, and one of them is a traitorous attack from within our own government to fundamentally transform our country into a secular socialist machine, taking us away from our Constitution and our freedoms. Another is that I feel our debt is crushing this nation into economic and financial collapse and our government has made that its goal to complete their transformation. They could care less about the Depression that it would bring and the hardship that would result. Their actions over these past six years and more specifically the past 18 months proves my point."

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