Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, July 25

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trash fee nothing but a tax

To the Editor:

I don't personally know the new city manager. But I know he has started out on the wrong foot.

He pushed the trash tax, saying first, if the city didn't enact it, the state would force it. Wrong!

Then he said the Feds had a law requiring it. Wrong again!

Then finally he and the city treasurer said it was an accounting requirement. Wrong again!

It's nothing but a tax -- pure and simple.

I know all of the city council persons. They're good people. I'm sure the four who voted for the tax would not have done so had they been given the truth.

So -- Mr. New City Manager, welcome to Shelbyville, but how about trying to be more honest with the Council? We just don't need this tax. And like all taxes, it'll never go away, but will keep increasing.

As to the city budget, there is a simple solution. Cut spending.

W. Nowlin Taylor


Citizens are being double-taxed

To the Editor:

I am a lifelong resident of Shelbyville. Therefore I have paid taxes to the city for many years.

The city wants to raise the taxes for the citizens of Shelbyville through a trash collection fee. As I understand from reading your paper the fee will be $11.00 a month resulting in a $138.00 yearly increase in our city taxes.

If the trash collection has to be paid in this manner it seems not only reasonable but fair that our property taxes be lowered $138.00 a year since this expense has already been added in the yearly budget.

Unless this is done our city council has just handed us a $138.00 yearly tax increase. We are being double taxed.

I have not noted in your paper that the city council proposes to lower our taxes the $138.00 a year so they can take care of this trash accounting procedure that seems to be mandated by the feds. I hope the city council is planning on adjusting our property taxes accordingly.

Otherwise we need a new city council.

Brent Haley


Kids play ball for love of the game

It took me 40 years but I finally have a group of sports heros that didn't let me down....The 6 year old Shelbyville allstar baseball team. After going undefeated in the regular season and winning 5 straight tournaments without a loss, they earned their spot in the USSSA Junior World Series held this recently in Atlanta. They represented their team and community well and came in with a 3rd place finish.

As I started the long drive home back to Murfreesboro, at first I was feeling a little down since they didn't take the first place trophy. Then the truth about what had happened finally hit me. We live in an era of Lebron James NBA hype, MLB steroid scandals, and embarrassing NFL superstar antics. In youth leagues, some believe keeping score for kids is a bad thing and that 'everyone gets a trophy' will somehow help their self esteem.

These kids played in Atlanta because they love to play, not for a paycheck and not for any endorsement deals, just the purity of the game. They, like all of the family and coaches there, were disappointed when didn't win and many of those boys shed a few tears. However, unknown to those boys the life lessons learned this season of success, hard work, victory and yes, even defeat will serve them well into the future.

Thanks to my nephew Seth and the other boys of the Shelbyville Allstar team for not only making me and their community proud, but for restoring some of my hope for the youth of this community as well.

Colby Cloud